How to Install the Legendary Rallye Seat Kit

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Foam Top View 2/29

11 Here is a top view of the foam properly installed on the springs. This should also give you a good idea of how much bolster Legendary put into the Rallye seats.

Sew 3/29

12 With the foam securely in place, the new cover can follow. The wire from the install kit is cut to length and slipped inside the listing sewn along the insert area of the cover. Then it’s lined up along the front edge and hog rings are used to hold it down along the insert. You will need to push the hog rings through the foam and try to grab the wire below. In this situation, you are working blind, so the new wire you installed earlier should help.

Heat Soften 4/29

13 With the center listings hog ringed in place, set the assembly outside in the sun for a few minutes. The heat will soften the vinyl and make it more workable, which you are going to need for the next couple of steps.

Hog Ring Tie 5/29

14 This is where we are going to turn the cover right side out, but first the rear tie down needs to be hog ringed to keep the cover from trying to pull too far forward.

Line Up Edge 6/29

15 To get the cover rolled over correctly you will need to first make sure the edge is lined up with the foam as seen here. You want the salvage (or the stuff below the stitching) to lie on the side of the foam, not on top.

Rallye Seat Material 7/29

16 Now use one hand to push the material outward while the other pulls it over the edge.

Rallye Seat Roll 8/29

17 Keep rolling your hand till the material...

Rallye Seat Vinyl 9/29

18 … flops over center. Then you can massage the cover a bit to work out the wrinkles.

Rallye Seat Slip New 10/29

19 With the cover right side out you can slip new wire into the listing and attach it to the seat frame, completing the cover install. The backrest will go together pretty much the same way, but there are some differences in the foam, so let’s go into that.

Rallye Seat Glue 11/29

20 After cleaning the springs and adding the burlap, the foam is glued directly to the frame along the top.

Rallye Seat Push 12/29

21 The corners are pushed inside the frame (arrow) and a piece of muslin is sprayed with glue.

Rallye Seat Cover Center 13/29

22 The muslin is used to cover the edge of the foam and also cover over the corner seam, smoothing it out. From here the cover is installed just like the cushion, cover center listings first. Then turn it right side out and hog ring the perimeter.

Rallye Seat Build 14/29

23 That completes the Rallye Seat build up. As you can probably tell, it’s a pretty involved install, so if this is your first attempt at a seat resto you might want to enlist the help of a pro, or at the very least a friend with more experience than you. To give you and idea of the difference between a stock seat and the Rallye seat, we took these comparison shots. The factory seat will be on the left while the Rallye is on the right.

Rallye Seat Bolster 15/29

24 From this view you can see the huge difference in the cushion bolster area.

Old Backrest Bolstering Rallye 16/29
New Backrest Bolstering Rallye 17/29

25 This above shot shows the difference in the bolstering on the backrest.

Driver Rallye Seat Bolstering 18/29
Driver Rallye Seat Bolstering 19/29

26 And this shows the seats in the car with a driver. One key point to note is even though the new seat has more bolstering to hold you in place, look at our driver’s head height. You will notice the new seat is not pushing him up into the headliner. Legendary did its homework in this department.


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