How to Install Corbeau LG1 Bucket Seats - Please Be Seated

Corbeau makes it easy to install aftermarket seats in your classic Chevy

Evan J. Smith Dec 20, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Of all the decisions you'll make when restoring or restifying your Camaro, Nova, Chevelle, or other Chevrolet, picking a set of seats ranks right at the top. After all, you'll use them every time you drive the car, so your cost-per-use will show a great return. As you know, there are lots of seat options, from stock to aluminum racing seats to fully custom ones. But no matter what you motivation, having good chairs is of prime importance.

We've driven enough hot rods to know that high-performance seats that are comfortable and safe will enhance your driving experience, whether you're on track or rolling strong on the highway. As the center point of your office, a killer set of buckets will add style to your ride.

To kick our Back To the Street Camaro up multiple notches, we got with Corbeau and ordered its black leather LG1 seats (PN L25501), along with the company's bolt-in four-point retractable harness system. When BTTS was a dedicated bracket car, the stock driver's seat had been cut up to accommodate racing harnesses. The LG1 Corbeaus and harnesses were a far superior upgrade. They look like they belong in a muscle car, they have the bolstering and support we'll need when we exercise the car's upgraded suspension, they're comfortable and they're a great fit in the second-gen Camaro body.

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"The one thing people don't fully understand about Corbeau seats is we've been designing seats for 50 years," said Nate Smith, managing director for Corbeau. "When we design seats we do so to enhance the look of your interior and to enhance the overall driving experience. We have over 20 different seat styles and brackets to fit almost every vehicle ever made. The bottom line is Corbeau seats will improve the look and style of your vehicle and will provide your comfort and support like you've never had before.

"Your 1971 Camaro is a perfect example. The LG1 racing seat is a consumer favorite when it comes to comfort. The second you sit in this seat you will see why so many customers are ranting and raving." Smith added. "Its unique curves and contours re-define comfort."

The seats look right at home in our Camaro, which has a somewhat stock look, albeit with a modern suspension and stance, and quite a few modern touches. Sitting in the Chevy, we feel locked in place, but they are not overly stiff or overly bolstered. The comfort level is a lot higher than many sport-type seats we've experienced.

Along with the seats we went with Corbeau's 2-inch Retractable Harness Belts. "This unique harness belt raised the bar as it pertains to user friendliness," said Smith. "We know how uncomfortable and annoying it can be to use harness belts in your daily driver. Once you are strapped in there is little-to-no moving around. With that in mind, we designed the Retractable Harness Belt.

"This harness belt features an inertia reel, which allows your harness belt to function like your stock belt. That means you can move around, but it will lock under sudden movement or jolt. It also features an on-off switch, which allows you to turn the retracting option off, so your belt will function as a full-time harness.  

"In addition, the Retractable Harness Belt has the double release feature, which allows you to disconnect the front shoulder straps from the rear tail strap. This allows easy access to the rear seat. They also have the rare ability to be bolted to all your factory-provided mounting points. What that means is all our hardware was manufactured to bolt right up to your factory bolt holes. In most cases no drilling or modifications are necessary," Nate added.

It took us less than a full day to complete the install and it is a job anyone can do in your driveway or home garage. It's pretty cool when you can spend a day working on your car and you end up improving both looks and performance. Next we'll be tapping into NPD's extensive catalog and we'll get the rest of the interior finished. So check back for as we get one step closer to the finally of our BTTS Camaro.

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1. As a rule of thumb, the LG1 will fit up to a 38-inch waist, while the LG1 Wide will fit up to a 42-inch waist. High wear patches are strategically placed to protect your seat from abuse in the high wear areas. The LG1 racing seat is available in cloth, with leatherette high wear patches, microsuede, with leather high wear patches, and 100-percent black leather. We ordered them is soft, sumptuous leather.

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2. We considered recovering the stock high-back buckets, but ultimately wanted an updated look with the ability to recline, and have improved comfort and side bolstering. For that we turned to Corbeau, which offers a wide variety of seats and accessories.

Corbeau Install 5/21

3a. Installing the seats was a breeze, we simply attached the new Corbeau Camaro-specific seat brackets to the seats using the four supplied bolts.

Corbeau Camaro Seat Bracket 6/21

3b. Installing the seats was a breeze, we simply attached the new Corbeau Camaro-specific seat brackets to the seats using the four supplied bolts.

Corbeau Retractable Harness Belt 7/21

4. Corbeau's Retractable Harness belts are available in a three-point, bolt-in style only. Each harness belt is manufactured with pressure-reducing waist pads to provide extra comfort. The shoulder harness portion of the belts can also be locked for on track use.

Seat Belt 8/21

5. This is the retractor that can be mounted in a multitude of positions.

Remove Rocker 9/21

6. We removed the rocker sill plates to maneuver the rug for bolting in the belts.

Corbeau Lg1 Bucket Seat 10/21

7a. Then we popped the LG1 leather chairs into the Camaro and bolted them into place.

Lg1 Bucket Seat Bolt In 11/21

7b. Then we popped the LG1 leather chairs into the Camaro and bolted them into place.




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