How to Install a Heads Up Display in a Fifth Gen Camaro - Heads Up

Add a Heads Up Display even after it leaves the factory floor

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2010 Chevrolet Camaro Pull Out Dash 2/21

11. And just like that (3 hours later) the dash is ready for removal! It should be noted that the dash itself has several clips that connect it to the chassis as well as two friction points, which hold it in place. You will have to pull with some force (up and back) to free the dash from the chassis. Don’t be afraid to put some effort behind it! That said, don’t pull too hard either or you will probably break something…

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Stock Dash 3/21
2010 Chevrolet Camaro Hud Specific Dash 4/21

12-13. To cut or not to cut, that is the question. Installing the HUD requires cutting a large hole in the frontal portion of the dash (so the HUD can shine onto the windshield) and such a cut isn’t for everyone. Greg, an avid car collector, chose to keep the stock dash in mint condition and opted to install a 2011 HUD specific dash (with the cutout already completed at the factory) instead. Scoggin Dickey Parts Center hooked us up with everything we needed for the swap, including the new dash (PN 20966085), which made for a quick, easy, and OEM conversion.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Factory Dash 5/21
2010 Chevrolet Camaro Hud Dash 6/21

14-15. If you do choose to cut your stock dash – which is perfectly acceptable – you will be happy to know it is already setup to accept the HUD unit. On the left is the factory 2010 dash, while the right shows the 2011 cutout. If you do keep the stock unit, we recommend ordering a nut and bolt kit (PN 11609465, 11610157), which Scoggin Dickey Parts Center can also provide.

Hud 92205982 Dash 7/21

16. Bolting the HUD (PN 92205982) to the 2011 dash is a super simple process and only requires 5 bolts. A new dash will include the nuts while a stock 2010 unit will need the nuts and bolts we previously mentioned. As far as the Heads Up Display unit itself goes, it simply requires one harness and that’s that… simple as can be.

Gen4diy Harness 8/21

17. Here is a look at the harness, which we ordered from, a site we found on the popular Camaro5 forums. Built by an enthusiast, the simple harness grabs power from the factory 4-pack gauge cluster and powers up the HUD and switch panel to make everything work.

Scoggin Dickey Hud Switch 9/21

18. Scoggin Dickey Parts Center also included the correct HUD switch (PN 92224604), which simply clicks into place on the 2011+ dash. Again, if you choose to modify your stock dash, you will have to cut out this area, as the factory ’10 dash ships as a smooth unit here.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro New Hud Dash 10/21

19. Installation of the new dash with the HUD installed is just the opposite of the removal, although it goes much quicker on the way back in than it does on the way out. If you end up with extra screws or bolts, you’re doing it wrong, so make sure you get everything back in the way it came out.

Fifth Gen Camaro Diy Hud Install 11/21

20. After several hours worth of work, Greg powered up the fifth-gen Camaro and reveled in the glory that is the Heads Up Display. Just as you would expect, everything worked perfectly and the HUD looked fantastic. Both road and track driving should be a little more enjoyable with the HUD and we’re no longer going to have 2011-model envy! If you’ve always wanted this option, take comfort in knowing it can be yours with a solid days worth of work and a little bit of sweat equity.


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