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Cure your Speedometer Blues with Auto Meter’s latest GPS Speedometer Interface

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It happens quite often; we see many street machines with the most aesthetically appealing gauges, only to find out the speedometer is far from functioning. Some will rationalize that it’s unnecessary in their weekend cruisers, while others have every intention of making it functional—one day.

SIM TechCenter 2011 HR 2/14

The good news is that day is now. Auto Meter recently released a GPS speedometer interface that can transform any electronic speedometer into a GPS-based speedometer with minimal hassle. This unit is compact, making it easy to hide underneath the dash and only requires minimal wiring to complete the installation; three to be exact, along with the magnetic GPS antenna. And for the price conscious, these can be had for under $200.

For our installation, we enlisted a ’65 Chevelle that had already been outfitted with a complete set of Auto Meter gauges. In this case, the transmission was recently swapped out for an automatic overdrive, giving us the perfect opportunity to put the GPS interface to the test. Just how difficult was it? Hardly difficult at all, but follow along and check it out for yourself.


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