American Autowire Classic Update Series Kit - New Connections

Our project F73 Camaro gets rewired with an American Autowire Classic Update Series kit

Dan Sanchez Jun 19, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Even the engine harness features extra-long leads that allow you to customize the installation to route the wires differently. In our case, it will allow us to easily conceal the wiring, making the engine compartment of our Camaro appear clean and neat. The rear body harness also has the same flexibility for custom routing and includes backup light wires and mating connectors for backup light leads.

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With our Camaro still at A&E Motorsports in Santa Fe Springs, California, we asked them to handle the installation. Although they were excited to see how much simpler this kit was to install over an OEM replacement wiring kit, they did make a few recommendations for anyone attempting to install the kit themselves. The first is to make sure you have proper tools, including wire cutters, a splicing tool, and wire crimpers. Because the American Autowire kit comes very well thought out, it’s best to wrap any portions of the harness that won’t be used, and tuck them up under the dash. This way, any upgrade you may want to do later will already be prewired to simply plug in and use. Finally, A&E recommends thinking through how you’re going to route your wiring before trimming any wire. For example, we wanted to hide the engine harness in our Camaro. But because the fenders were off, we decided to leave the extra length of the wires in the harness alone until we mocked up the fenders and could take proper measurements to determine the length of wire we’d need. Finally, A&E recommends reading the instructions on the American Autowire kit, and if there’s something that you don’t understand, you can call the company’s tech line and talk to a representative who can help you through it.

With our Camaro nearly complete, we’re anxious to get the fender and hood back on and fire it up. Nevertheless, we can be assured that there won’t be any electrical bugs to cause us any grief, since all the wiring, bulbs, sockets, and connectors are completely new. The only thing left, is to drop in a battery.

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