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Have you ever noticed that as a guy gets older he likes to add a few refinements to his car that just weren’t as important to him as when he was a kid? Take the interior for example. Instead of accepting a folding beach chair for a seat, with a floor shifter to grab onto in case the driver-side door flies open around a curve, a set of proper seats might prove more desirable. Such was the case for the ’70 Camaro seen gracing these pages. Its owner got tired of the worn-out Vette buckets he’d bootlegged in with homemade mounting brackets years earlier, and sought out a better solution.

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Taking into consideration this street-driven Camaro is set up to double as a serious autocrosser, he looked for ergonomically designed lightweight seats that would hold him firm in place with deep bolsters. A quick trip to the pages of the Summit Racing catalog, and the answer was a pair of sport seats (PN SUM-CSUM4026 ) for under $500. For less money than what it would cost to reupholster one of the much heavier Corvette buckets, the Sport Seat Combo comes complete with everything needed, including two Scat seat mounting brackets, two Summit Racing bracket adapters, and the hardware necessary to bolt it all together.

Quoting partially from the Summit Racing catalog the seats have releases on either side of the upper back to allow quick forward tilting. The seat height is 37.5 inches with a width of 21.25 inches. The width across shoulders is 21.75 inches, and provide 2- and 3-inch shoulder harness openings at the top and bottom, respectively. The seat adjustment from front to rear provides 4.5 inches of travel.

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Provided one dodges the few possible pitfalls we describe how to avoid in the following captions, installing Summit Racing’s Sport Seat Combo can be one of the easiest upgrades you’ll ever do to your car. Plus, as an added bonus, you can give your mom her aluminum folding beach chair back when you’re done.


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