Grant Steering Wheel Install - Back To Basics - CHP Step By Step

Sean Haggai Jun 20, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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When it comes to upgrading your project vehicle, sometimes it can be a case of simplifying the most mundane items that can provide you with immediate satisfaction. It’s the little things that count, right? Modifying your project car or daily driver doesn’t have to soak up a lot of time or set you back a ton of dough either. In most cases, improving some of the most basic items like interior components can certainly transform its street appeal and leave you with a great driver.

In our case, we got our hands on a very streetable ’64 Chevelle in midst of a restoration. While everyone can identify with the factory, large diameter steering wheel, this ’Velle had other duties on the table. With all-new performance suspension, big brake kit, and sticky rubber, sawing at the wheel during spirited canyon runs was like steering a cruise ship.

After one too many glances at the factory steering wheel, we decided it needed to go. Not only would an aftermarket steering wheel from Grant offer a better connection to the driver with thicker grips and a smaller overall diameter, but it would complement the interior as well. From Grant’s online selection, we chose their Classic Competition wheel (PN 1076, $128) with a polished stainless three-spoke center and 14.5-inch overall diameter. Plus, it’s wrapped in leather and features a distinctive yellow band or top marker, providing for a quick reference point that allows the driver know exactly where the front wheels are pointed.

Since removing the factory wheel is a straightforward task, we’re going to get right to the grit and show how to install the new Grant wheel onto the bare column. It’s important to note, we started by pointing the wheels straight and disconnecting the battery to prevent the horn from shorting out or activating. From there, we used the Grant steering wheel install kit (PN 3196, $19), and had the new Grant wheel on and ready for action in less than an hour.


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