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Vintage Air System Installation - Freeze Locker

Upgrading To A Vintage Air System

Sean Haggai Jul 15, 2010
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No one likes an uncomfortable ride, whether it's the car's suspension, seats, or even the fit and finish. What beats them all, though, is a blisteringly hot interior. Sure, roll down the windows at freeway speeds and attempt that conversation. Anything from a quick run to the local market to a leisurely road trip, a boiling interior can make any driver frustrated, turning a fun cruise into a grueling experience. But when we get the tickle to drive, that's what we're going to do-no matter what the elements may dictate. So what better way to fight the heat than with some temperature control?

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There's something to be said for those creature comforts we normally associate with home living or even the up-to-date functions of more modern cars; things like air conditioning. Luckily, technology has caught up to the hobby-nay, lifestyle-and our beloved muscle cars. Vintage Air Systems has the know-how and has designed air-conditioning systems for nearly all classic, American-made vehicles. These all-inclusive kits are ready to go and only take a weekend to install. To illustrate the benefits of the Vintage kit, we got a hold of a beautiful '64 Chevelle sporting a potent small-block for power, a perfect candidate to show you what goes into installing the Sure Fit system from Vintage Air. This system for Chevelles and Novas features A/C vents that exit through the dash, dehumidified defrost, and a smooth firewall. Plus, it all mounts completely under the dash for a clean look.

Before we began any major work, though, most of the interior dash was removed, along with a majority of the front grille and bumper. Once the unit was installed we were left to locate our own belts and get the A/C system charged. We touched upon the key points, making it easy to follow along. No longer will the scorching heat of summer prevent you from enjoying your ride. You'll be freezing in no time.

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Vintage Air system into a '64 Chevelle

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Tolerate any trip with the comfort of a modern car



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