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Insulating The Interior For Sound And Heat Protection

Sean Haggai May 3, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Let's admit it, our muscle cars are loud and can be downright rough at times. Big-blocks always sound good in the parking lot at idle but it can be an ear-bleeding experience once you get up to speed. Forget about having a conversation with the passenger. Sounds reverberate, and with only a thin piece of sheetmetal separating you from the exhaust below there isn't much in the form of sound dampening, or heat protection for that matter. Knowing the potentially deafening decibal readings our budget big-block might create, we hunted down a solution for quelling all that noise and heat.

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A little research led us to a simple solution from Quiet Ride Solutions with their pre-cut and ready-to-install "quiet riding comfort" kits. This all-in-one package comes with everything you need to complete your interior, including Dynamat, heat shielding, spray adhesive, and foil tape. And with more than 700 kits available, finding the right insulation package for your muscle car shouldn't be an issue. For our El Camino, the kit included insulation items for everything we needed to cover, from the firewall to the rear panel, and the floorpan to the roof. To finish the job, we also went with a one-piece carpet kit from Original Parts Group, which included new Fisher door sill plates.

Installation time will vary, but in our case it required two solid days of work from start to finish. All said and done, we were rewarded with a factory-fresh appearing interior and even had a slight hint of new-car smell. Trust us, the hard work is well worth the effort; just remember to please remove your shoes first before entering.

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What We Did
Laid down insulation and finished it off with fresh carpet

Bottom Line
Taking your time is crucial to making it all fit



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