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Summit Racing Battery Relocation Kit And Cutoff Switch Install - Back In The Box - CHP Step By Step

We Fill The Trunk With A Battery Relocation Kit And Cutoff Switch From Summit Racing

Sean Haggai Mar 1, 2010

One of the easiest modifications anyone can do to their project vehicle is to relocate the battery to the rear of the car. Not only will you improve weight distribution by adding it over the rear tires, it will also free up space in the engine bay, giving you a much cleaner look. It wasn't long ago when doing this type of installation presented a host of minor issues. Most parts were sourced from various companies and getting large-gauge wire had to be acquired from any number of hardware and/or welding supply stores. These days many manufacturers offer kits that come complete with everything you'll need. To take advantage of one of these systems, we decided to order one up for our nose-heavy Nova; which would be an added benefit for the serious suspension tuning we have plans for.

chp_02_o Summit_racing_battery_relocation_kit_and_cutoff_switch_install Simple_modification 2/14

Cruising Summit Racing's website, we opted for their premium battery box relocation kit (PN SUM G1231-K). This package comes with everything, including a sealed, durable plastic box; a 20-foot length of positive battery cable; a 3-foot length of negative battery cable; plus all the battery terminals and mounting hardware. To complement the battery box, we also ordered a battery cutoff switch (PN SUM G1432) from Summit; at less than $20 it's a steal. The switch will allow us to shut the battery off in the case of a short or an accident at the track. What you may not know is that whenever the battery is relocated a cutoff switch is required to get through Tech at most sanctioned tracks.

So far we've listed a lot of positives for the minimal price, coming in at less than $150. To get the job done, we headed over to Hot Rod Specialties in Upland, California. Our install took a single afternoon; with the most difficult portion coming from running the lines and drilling a hole for the battery cable and vent tube. Not bad for a few hours of work.

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Quick Notes

What We Did
Moved the battery to the trunk and added a cutoff switch

Bottom Line
The battery will be easier to get to, transfer weight to the rear, and give us more room in the engine bay

Cost (Approx)


Summit Racing
Akron, OH
Hot Rod Specialties



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