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Chop, Cut, ReBuild: Part Four

Take Four: The Interior Gets All Dressed Up

Jul 5, 2005

The last time we checked in with the crew over at D&P Classic Chevy in Huntington Beach, California, they were well on their way to finishing the Chop, Cut, Rebuild The Series Chevelle project. In fact, the chassis, drivetrain, and paint and body were all taken care of. Now all that's left to do is to finish up the inside and hit the road.

Just like the rest of the car, D&P owner, Darryl Nance, wanted something out of the norm for the interior. Although the car is built to handle and run hard, Darryl didn't want the inside of the Chevelle to look like the inside of a NASCAR racer. Instead, Darryl intends to cruise the beaches of So Cal in comfort and style.

The OEM interior was tossed out and a new, modern, handcrafted cabin was installed in its place. When it's time to take a load off, passengers in the Chevelle will sit comfortably in one of the four Lexus 300 bucket seats. Along with the Lexus buckets are custom door panels and a full-length, Surfboard-influenced center console. The dash was cut out and a new and-created dash was built to give the car a modern and functional look. Instead of using the conventional door handles, locks and cranks, Electric-Life supplied electric windows and a shaved door handle kit. The interior was then covered in a two-tone tan/brown leather scheme.

And what about the sound system? Three words to describe it: Over the Top! For starters, the CCR Chevelle is equipped with a Pioneer head unit complete with CD, DVD, navigation, voice command and g-Force data . . . trick huh? Echoing through the Chevelle are sounds coming from the MA Audio speakers and subwoofers powered by 1200 watts from MA Audio amps. Making sure that not a watt of power is lost, the Chevelle is also equipped with MA Audio wiring and capacitors. Every way you look at it, the Chevelle's cabin speaks volumes of the effort that went into assembling this budding TV star.


Before any panels or details were sorted out, the crew of D&P had to build a custom dash in order to accommodate the modern-looking interior. By using sheetmetal, metal tubing and lot of creativity, the task was completed.

Making sure the Chevelle keeps quiet while cruising down the road is Dynamat, coating the floorboard and other various areas where needed.

Considering the fact that you can't go down to Best Buy and pick up a subwoofer box for a '65 Chevelle wagon, Azteka Upholstery built this custom box to house two 12-inch MA Audio subwoofers.Considering the fact that you can't go down to Best Buy and pick up a subwoofer box for a '65 Chevelle wagon, Azteka Upholstery built this custom box to house two 12-inch MA Audio subwoofers.

Mauricio covered the top of the box in a heavy cloth by pulling it tightly over the 12-inch wood rings. Then the cloth is stapled to the sides of the box. The final product produces a round, flowing surface covering the top of the box.

Fiberglass resin and hardener is used to coat the cloth and stiffen things up.

Mauricio and Dan (host of CCR) covered the cloth with the resin mixture in multiple coats using a paintbrush and bucket to spread it all over the cloth.

Just like fiberglass, once the resin sets, the cloth becomes hard as rock. Then, Dan cut out the holes in order to drop in the 12-inch MA Audio subs.

The box was then covered in brown leather and the MA Audio subs were dropped in.

Complementing the subs are MA Audio 6.5-inch, 5.25-inch, and 6x9-inch MA Audio speakers.

The door, kick and other panels were built by cutting out the panel design on thin, flat pieces of plywood.

Once the panels were shaped accordingly, they were covered in tan and brown leather.

The center console was built around this surfboard-like centerpiece, which is made by gluing various types of wood together and then shaping it.

Using the same technique used in the door panels, a space was made for the amps, capacitors and TV monitor in the rear of the car.

Before the seats and carpet could be installed, the stereo system was wired using the MA Audio wires that were provided.

Sitting above the ididit steering column is this custom gauge pod by Custom Rod Gauges.


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