HammerHead: True Bolt-in 12-Bolt IRS Solution Installation

Justin Cesler Feb 25, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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If it seems like every Camaro since the third-gen has come with a woefully inadequate rear end package, it’s because they have. Third and fourth-gen fans knew this pain all too well, with the anemic 10-bolt rear wreaking havoc on ring and pinions since the first models hit the dragstrip way back when. For enthusiasts, it was a frustrating time, with almost no aftermarket options for a true plug-and-play rear end upgrade solution. Today, “old” Camaro owners have almost too many options, with manufacturers building drop in rears for practically every single application. Now, one would have hoped that the fifth-gen Camaro design team would have addressed this issue, but following in the footsteps of its predecessors, GM engineers seemed to have once again taken the “less is less” approach to the rear, with a weak differential, a small ring and pinion, and small axle shafts leaving hardcore drag and street users fearing for the worst every time they drop the hammer out on the track.

Of course, just because the factory can’t do it right, doesn’t mean the aftermarket won’t. Enter ET Enterprises and the HammerHead, a bolt-in 12-bolt IRS solution built specifically for the hardcore fifth-gen Camaro market. Founded by Skip Lee, a 40-year veteran of the patternmaking game and a 50-year performance auto enthusiast, ET Enterprises was built around a single idea; to build a clean sheet 12-bolt rear end housing for IRS applications that could withstand any abuse that a car owner could dish out. And to do that, ET started at the very beginning, developing a 3D CAD model of the housing first, which was tweaked through rigorous testing, before being produced as a plastic mold. From there, it was all about trial fitting, testing, modifying, breaking, and learning, until ET was able to produce the high quality cast aluminum version you see here. Inside, it’s stuffed with all of the high-tech goodies you would expect from an “indestructible” rear, with options to outfit the HammerHead with everything from a 33-spline Eaton TrueTrac to a solid spool with pro gears, and almost anything in between. Need 1000hp axles and 3.42 gears? You can get that. Need 1400hp axles and a 5.00 ring-and-pinion for the dragstrip with a solid single piece driveshaft? You know it. Need the ultimate 12-bolt solution for your Camaro? Read on…



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