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Mast Motorsports' two-piece CNC machined cast intake is easily the best class-legal intake on the market.

Sep 19, 2012
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The Purp's saga continues this month as Pro Fab Performance secures our freshly painted VFN hood, and makes room for a taller intake. Rewinding for a second, last month we made a trip up to North Deland Auto Body to smooth out the body and receive a few coats of Matrix's version of GM Spice Red Metallic (from the '05 GTO). Before we did, though, we had to figure out how we would be securing the VFN Sunoco hood. While at first we were inclined to go the full lift-off, pin-on route, having hood struts is particularly nice for those of us that don't travel with a full race team. Several of Pro Fab's X275 builds have used Aerocatch fasteners, and we've always been a big fan, so this was an easy solution for a sleek set of hood pins that would save weight. Prior to paint, Matt Larue made the careful cuts in the hood, and once back in our possession Matt would have to screw the top piece to the hood and install the pins onto the radiator support.

As this year has progressed, the LSX Real Street class has become even more competitive and we are going to have to step up our game on The Purp. The stock LS7 intake we had previously intended to run was certainly not cutting it. A call was placed to Mast Motorsports, who had acquired Performance Inductions a few years back and has been reproducing several of its products including the badass two-piece, CNC ported single-plane intake that helped our 451 LSX from Late Model Engines make 720 horsepower on motor. Now we'd have a fighting chance! To mate to the intake, we called up Holley for a 4500 Dominator-style billet four-barrel throttle body that flows 2,000 cfm. The thought of all that airflow makes us all warm and tingly. But before we fire up the LME 451, we'll need to replace the valley cover, since we have no need for the vacuum port (for crankcase ventilation) given the Moroso vacuum pump installed a few issues back. Thankfully Hamburger's Performance Products has a new solution to accommodate us, a red anodized piece of 6061-T6 billet aluminum that is .480-inch thick and seals with the factory O-ring. Follow along as Pro Fab gets out the cutoff wheel and does work. Final assembly is getting near.


Mast Motorsports
Nagodoches, TX 75964
Holley Performance Products
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Hamburger Performance Products
Whittier, CA 90602
Pro Fab Performance

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