Tri-Five Exhaust System - Ahh...Blow It Out Your Pypes

With a Bolt-On Exhaust System

Dakota Wentz Jun 15, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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Because our '55 was sporting a few odds and ends, Lee over at The Muffler Man had to hack into a few of our Pypes to get the best fit possible.

The way we see it, you have three basic options when it comes to exhaust. First, you can take a trip down to Pep Boys and buy a handful of those one-size-fits-all tubing; you know, the exhaust tubing with the crinkles like a bendy straw, and build a makeshift exhaust system. Second, you can take your ride to an exhaust shop and have them work one up for you. Lastly, if you're a Tri-Five owner, you can call up Pypes Performance Exhaust and have them send you a pre-fabbed kit that basically bolts itself on.

Pypes Performance Exhaust manufactures a complete bolt-on header-back exhaust system with an X-pipe that is ready to rock right out the box. The systems are designed to deliver performance, provide extra punch in the passing lane, and improve gas mileage. The system comes complete with an X-pipe, a pair of Pypes mufflers (Pypes Street Pros are standard), single-piece tailpipes, CAD-plated clamps and hangers, and all the necessary exhaust pipes. The exhaust pipes come slip-fit for easy installation, and are fabricated from a smooth, seam-coated, 16-gauge, mandrel-bent, aluminized steel pipe to ensure maximum exhaust gas flow. The aluminizing and seam-coating treatment of the pipes and mufflers enables corrosion resistance and extends the life of the system. The mufflers are precision-matched for the system to deliver the ultimate in sound and performance. The header-back systems are available in either 2.5- or 3-inch tubing, and optional tips, mufflers, and X-change crossovers are available. The system can be installed with basic handtools; however, some applications may require cutting.

For our donor '55, we ordered a Pypes 2.5-inch header-back system and took it down to The Muffler Man in Placentia, California. Our '55 wasn't exactly stock, so there were a few cuts to be made in order to work around the aftermarket drivetrain, suspension, and gas tank. However, Pypes supplied us with all the right pieces to get the job done, and if we didn't have all that excess under the '55, we're pretty sure it would have bolted right up, no joke.


The Muffler Man
Placentia, CA 92870
Pypes Performance Exhaust
Hatfield, PA 19440




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