2006 Corvette Exhaust System - Breathe Easy

Additional Air In + Less Restriction Out = Power Gains.

Dan Ryder Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Next, John assembled the S/S X-pipe with high-flowing catalytic converters to the connection tubes, which will eventually mate to the muffler assembly. All ARH systems include Grade 8 hardware and heavy-duty S/S band clamps. Once installed into the vehicle, the pictured oxygen sensor harness extensions must be used because of the new sensor locations. Be sure to tuck all sensor harness wiring away from heat and in a secure fashion to prevent future problems.

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Our C6 exhaust system fits together without hassle. For future reference, the oil filter and starter can easily be worked on without removal of the headers. Once all of the band clamps are tightened, John gave each clamp a spot weld to ensure it stays in place (optional step that's a matter of preference).

Next we moved back to the front of the C6 to begin installation of the XCelerator Air Induction System from Motorsport Technologies. John began the process by removing the stock induction system and the air deflector that will be modified. MTI supplied a template to aid in drilling the proper holes required, as well as the necessary cutout needed in the air deflector. John employed an air-powered saw for cutting.

Next John installed the baseplate for the filter housing via rivets supplied with the XCelerator kit. The air deflector is then reinstalled and the washable, high-flow air filter is installed. John can then install the remainder of the air intake system, which maintains a rather stock look with an advertised 36 percent increase in airflow. The XCelerator is molded from the highest-quality ABS plastic to ensure years of service.

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The air induction and exhaust system are now complete. The C6 was started and checked for any possible leaks. None were found. Doug Ring took over by connecting his laptop-containing tuning software from HP Tuners-to the Corvette's diagnostic port. Doug then took the car on extensive road tests to tune the car for drivability under real-world conditions; once he was satisfied with the tune, the C6 was returned to the dyno for verification and to check potential horsepower and torque gains.

The after-dyno results were more than pleasing. The C6 pumped out a whopping 361 hp with 349.8 lb-ft of torque, and that's a gain of almost 37 rear-wheel horsepower and 28 lb-ft of torque. Estimated flywheel horsepower is now in the neighborhood of 450 hp, that's up 50 from stock. Not bad for an exhaust system and air induction kit, although maximum numbers don't mean diddly. How is the drivability you ask? Phenomenal. Throttle response was quicker, mid-range power is seat-planting and wide-open throttle snaps your head back hard. In all, the system installed flawlessly.


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