2006 Corvette Exhaust System - Breathe Easy

Additional Air In + Less Restriction Out = Power Gains.

Dan Ryder Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0810_09_z 2006_corvette_exhaust_system Fastener_removal 2/25

ECS Technician John Romano got the nod to perform the installation. John began by removing the fasteners for the mid-pipe at both the catalytic converter and toward the rear attaching to the muffler assembly. Once all the fasteners were removed, the midsection was simply taken from the vehicle.

To facilitate easy removal of the muffler assemblies, John needed to remove the rear sway bar mounting brackets in order to move the bar to a lower position. This step holds true for both the C5 and C6 models. Beyond removal of the sway bar, John took off the rubber muffler hangers with a prybar and carefully removed the mufflers from beneath.

Sucp_0810_10_z 2006_corvette_exhaust_system Mid_section_removal 3/25

At this time, John installed the new muffler assembly from GHL Motorsports. The four-tip unit features a nice throaty sound, comfortable at low speeds, but more like a raped ape when laying into the throttle. Each unit is handcrafted, using T-304 stainless steel and completed with a beautiful polished finish.

John moved to the front of the C6 to remove the catalytic converter assemblies, gaining access to the exhaust manifolds. Once the manifolds are removed, be sure that the cylinder head surface is clean before installing the header gaskets and headers.

Sucp_0810_22_z 2006_corvette_exhaust_system Interference 4/25

Pictured are the stock manifold and the new American Racing Headers piece. All ARH products are manufactured utilizing the highest quality 304 stainless steel available and come with race-inspired merge collectors with scavenger spikes. John installed the headers from the bottom of the C6-unbelievably with no problems. Part of the reason is the header design. And the C6 doesn't have kickouts on the oil pan like the C5, thus creating even more room.

Sucp_0810_23_z 2006_corvette_exhaust_system Trimming 5/25

Once the headers were reinstalled, the spark plugs and ignition cables were returned to working order. The header on the passenger side interfered slightly with the body pinch weld. The instruction manual says this may need to be trimmed. About 1/8-inch was taken off in a simple fashion-by using a cut off wheel.




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