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Fat Is Where It's At! We're Having Tons Of Fun With Chevy's Last Caprice.

Vinnie The Hitman Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Because we had plenty of clearance under our car, we decided to opt for Level 10's deep aluminum pan for increased fluid capacity and improved cooling. Aside from looking pretty trick, it has a convenient drain plug-a simple feature that GM's Hydra-Matic guys never offered us for, oh, 60 years or so.

With our suspension and rear axle parts installed by Matt Pospishil and John Moundros of J&T Auto, we soon returned to the track, and to no surprise we were hurdled by traction woes. Because police-spec Caprices came with steel 15x7 wheels with a 5x5 bolt pattern, our tire choices for a drag radial are limited to a 245 sectionwidth tire. Since it was hardly a step up from our existing 235s, we looked for wider 15x8-inch wheels that would allow us to mount a much wider 275-section-width tire. We wanted wheels that would still look stealthy enough to match the factory steel wheels, so we started to look for a pair of older 2WD GM pickup trucks. Because they were equipped with a 5x5 bolt pattern and an 8-inch wheel, we began looking for a set, and lo and behold, we found a pair for $50 on the Internet. The best thing about these wheels is that they are hubcentric and have the proper offset. What a steal!

After an afternoon of sanding and painting with some fresh semi-gloss black rattle-can paint, we had J&T Auto mount on a pair of 275/60/15 Nitto NT555R Drag Radials. Nitto's drag radials have proven to work well for us on the dragstrip, and because they tend to wear longer on the street, it would be perfect for us, because swapping the tires at the track is no fun when each combo weighs 80 pounds. We could have gone with the shorter 275/50/15, but we liked how the taller profile looked on our heavy Chevy.

All said and done, our Caprice was back on the starting line, and after a hellacious burnout to break them in, we were rewarded with a 14.802 at 91.77 mph, for a drop of .235 seconds. This just reinforces our earlier point that by improving the chassis and driveline, we were able to drop over two tenths without adding any more power.


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