1971 Monte Carlo Exhaust - The Gas We Pass

Helping A Monte Carlo Exhale A Little Easier.

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This is not just an exhaust story. OK, so it is, but we're a little excited about this one. Why? We would like to introduce to you a vehicle that we have done little to no tech stories on, a Monte Carlo. A 1971 Monte Carlo to be exact. We plan to follow a frame-off rebuild of this vehicle from Harrison's Restorations in Upland, California. First, we needed to get this stock Monte Carlo to the track, run it through the ringer and see what kind of numbers we can squeeze out of it before we tear into it. Before that happens, we needed to fabricate and install an exhaust system; presently the remnants of a dual exhaust were all that was left on this Monte.

Harrison Ortis, a connoisseur of fine GM vehicles, chose to use Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers on his Monte, along with some Dynomax mandrel bent tubing. The mandrel bent tubing is actually made to fit late-model '90s Impalas, but when used on the Monte Carlo or even a Chevelle of the same year, it has near perfect clearance over the rear axle and around the gas tank.

As for the rest of the exhaust system, it was fabricated by Harrison and made to fit snugly and neatly under the Monte Carlo. Originally, this particular car came from the factory with just a single exhaust pipe exiting out the rear of the vehicle. Sometime during its life, the vehicle had a dual exhaust system added. The quality of the prior exhaust system is very much in question (we'll show you pictures later). As this Monte Carlo sits, it is running the stock 350 small-block and stock exhaust manifolds and a good, solid performing, system is all it needs to get her to the track and back. However, when the frame off takes place the exhaust will be replaced with 3-inch diameter pipe, headers and have an X-pipe system added.




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