Chevy Truck Exhaust System - Two Into One Equals ...

...More Power And Smog Legal

Tony Kelly Jun 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0406_01_z Chevy_truck_exhaust_system Magnaflow_exhaust 2/8

We're guessing that your shop probably isn't as great as the Magnaflow shop, but then whose is. Our nice little '79 pickup awaits its fate.

So you buy this old truck, a '79 to be exact, and the guy who had it before thought he would make it go faster and sound cool by throwing on a pair of dual exhausts, 36-inch glass pack mufflers, disconnecting the smog pump, and welding in an H-pipe. Can't say as we blame him 'cause that's the general mindset we grew up with, and pretty much still live with. Well GET OVER IT!

We just had it proved to us by Magnaflow Performance that converting back to a single exhaust with a catalytic converter made our engine more powerful (nearly 10 ft-lb of torque and just under 7 hp at the rear wheels), run cleaner, allowed it to pass an emissions inspection so we could get license plates, and even made it sound better. On top of that, the cost for all the parts (pipes, muffler, and catalytic converter) was less than the cost of a factory replacement catalytic converter alone! Who would have thought it!




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