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1968 Chevy Camaro A/C & Exhaust Install - Country Honk, Camaro Revival Part 6

Adding A/C & Exhaust

Terry Stevens Apr 1, 2006

Step By Step

This is the basic underdash unit comprising the interior portion of Vintage Air's Sure-Fit kit for the first-gen Camaro/Firebird. The kit comes complete with easy-to-read instructions and wiring diagrams, plus all the necessary ducting and connectors...

...The defroster adapters come in two shapes on the early F-bodies, so be sure to let Vintage Air know whether you have the wide or narrow defroster vents. The Detroit Speed mounting bracket is attached loosely and, as shown in the detail, clearly labeled.

This segment is gonna blow big-time! Once again, since the amount of detail is so great, we had to cut the topic coverage to shoving air, and leave pushing fluids for next month. That said, we'll start with the installation of the Vintage Air system, which takes in hot and humid air (the bad air) and blows out the cool, dry air we desperately need during the summer months. Having the top down is nice, but you can't beat having the air on max to help cool you off; although nothing seemed to help much driving through the monsoons at last year's Hot Rod Power Tour! From there, we'll wrap up this month by installing the Flowmaster American Thunder system with their Series 40 Delta Flow mufflers. Not only will it expel the spent fumes out of the LS2, it'll produce that recognizable Flowmaster exhaust note we've grown to love!

Keep in mind, when you first start taking apart a car that's been sitting idle for an unknown number of years, expect to see some sort of a mess. Case in point, in our Camaro someone had actually retrofitted this non-air car with factory air, which had to be removed before installing the Vintage Air Sure-Fit heat and air-conditioning system in its place.

On the plus side, Detroit Speed made our job easier with their nifty hanger system for the first-gen Camaro/Vintage Air install, which saves you the trouble of having to fabricate your own hangers. Detroit Speed also produces a mounting bracket for the Vintage Air controller, which enables the controller to be mounted onto the stock dash location. All said and done, we'll address the difficulty level and leave you with a clear idea on what you may or may not want to attempt when installing a Vintage Air System by yourself. So get in, sit down, start reading, and keep your cool.


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