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Waiting to Exhale with Exhaust from Edelbrock and Next Generation

Scott Parkhurst Aug 29, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Our Project Shadow Camaro has made great strides towards becoming a well-balanced mix of handling, braking, and acceleration, but we’re far from through. The understated black Z28 got a power boost (courtesy of a Vortech supercharger) to 365 rear-wheel ponies. This has been fine for awhile, especially while we’ve been upgrading our suspension and brakes to complement the newfound power. With our surrogate systems installed and under control, we’re ready for more grunt to the tires.

We’ve been working with Edelbrock on this car, as their development of suspension and exhaust components has matched our desire for a well-rounded street ride. We’re hoping to free up additional horses through use of a complete headers-to-tailpipes exhaust system, and Edelbrock has what we’re looking for. The Edelbrock headers for LT1-powered cars have been on the market for awhile and have been undergoing constant evolution toward an affordable, effective, bolt-on modification. Naturally, Edelbrock wanted a completely emissions-legal setup capable of delivering higher horsepower and torque, but access and installation proved to be a headache. Further revisions have made this better, and we’ll show you how in the photos. The one component Edelbrock doesn’t manufacture is a Y-pipe assembly to connect their headers to their catalyst-back exhaust system, and we called on Next Generation for help. They sell a complete Y-pipe assembly from Random Technology designed to fit and function perfectly under LT1-urged F-Bodies like ours, so we included it as part of our free-flowing plan. The twin catalytic converters mounted in the Y-pipe are high-flowing performance models, so we’re moving forward in a clean, green way. As we’ve said before, if there’s a way to maintain high performance with all the legal goodies in place, we’re on board.

So, here’s the proof in our newest project car. We’re shooting for 400 rear-wheel ponies out of this ride, and the addition of a complete emissions-compliant high-flow exhaust system will certainly help us toward that goal.

Check out the effort required to gain this hidden horsepower in the accompanying photos, and if you’ve got a cool LT1 F-Body that could use a little help exhaling, there’s no more need to wait.

We’d like to thank the crew at Edelbrock for helping us get Project Shadow’s exhaust system installed and sharing their valuable installation tips. Dennis Allen, Jason Tate, Blaise O’Reilly, and C.J. Baker are all great guys who are doing a super job of bringing more power to the streets, and we owe them a huge “thanks” for working with us.

Step By Step

These before-and-after shots aren’t just to show off our pretty new system. Look at the pipe diameters going in and out of both mufflers. This additional diameter will allow our supercharged LT1 to breathe easier, and the dyno results prove it’s worth power. It’s louder and meaner-sounding than ever, so we might be blowing our “Shadow” cover a bit. Certainly, the pipes don’t hang too low (see the profile shot), and we like that a lot. It makes for a cleaner look, and that’s fine by us.


Next Generation
Random Technology
Loganville, GA 30052


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