Classic Auto Air Climate System - Deep Freeze

We work with Classic Auto Air to bring cooler temps to the inside of a 1971 Chevy Chevelle.

Patrick Hill Apr 7, 2013 0 Comment(s)
Sucp 1304 02 Classic Auto Air Climate System Install Knee Knocker Under Dash 2/40

It used to be if you wanted air conditioning in a non-A/C-equipped car, you had to install a “knee knocker” under dash unit that stuck out like a sore thumb and only provided decent cooling for the front seat passengers.

For over 35 years, Classic Auto Air's been in the business of automotive climate systems, from parts and accessories to fix factory A/C units, to all-in-one retrofit systems that drop right into cars that weren't originally equipped with air. Classic can also repair the various parts of factory systems, so if you're in a spot restoring a factory A/C equipped car or truck, they can help you out.

Classic's newest innovation is its electronic servo controls that make installing A/C systems even easier. Controlled by a master ECU, the servo controls actuate all the vents and doors (along with the heater control valve) in the system, eliminating the need for bulky cables that are difficult to adjust and install. This is a neat trick for enthusiasts.

Follow along as the pictures tell the story.


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