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March Performance Pro-Track II Serpentine Kit

The Back To The Street Camaro Gets A New Pro-Track 2 serpentine kit strapped to its big-block.

Jan 1, 2013
Sucp 1301 01 March Performance Pro Track Ii Serpentine Kit 2/23

Finding factory big-block pulley sets is getting to be a pretty difficult thing to accomplish. The junkyards are mostly picked clean, the swap meet guys are usually proud of what they have and charge way too much, and there is still no guarantee the pulleys actually match. There is always the Internet, but again, you don't know what you are gonna get.

Instead of dealing with all these headaches, when it came to an accessory drive system for the Back To The Street '71 Camaro project car; we looked for an alternative from the aftermarket industry.

Since this used to be a gutted bracket car running a small-block, we just couldn't use what we had. It sports a ZZ454 crate engine from Chevrolet Performance these days, plus the car is being built with more modern parts and creature comforts like A/C, so the accessory system needs to be more than just functional—it has to be cool.

We wanted the modern day efficiency of a serpentine system for our Rat to free up a few ponies and eliminate the possibility of throwing a belt. We needed to find a great looking system that could support A/C and power steering and didn't use old school V-belts.

Enter the Pro-Track II system from March Performance. The Pro-Track is offered for small- and big-block engines with A/C and with or without power steering. Our system came with brand name accessories, like a 105-amp Powermaster alternator, Sanden A/C compressor, Edelbrock water pump, and a GM Type 2 power steering pump.

The best feature of this highly stylized accessory system is the simple one-piece bracket design. March designed the lightweight bracket to hold the alternator and air conditioning compressor, and then use a separate bracket to mount up a power steering pump making it optional. The system places the accessories in front of the heads, keeping it very compact.

Not only was the system designed to be compact and light weight, it's very easy to install. You wont need a huge assortment of tools, just a few sockets and Allen keys are pretty much all you need. We could sit here all day writing about how easy it was to install the system, but instead we will just show you. Check out the following images to see if the March Performance Pro-Track II is right for your project like it was for ours.


March Performance
Naples, FL 34110

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