Chevy Small-Block 327 Outputting 462 Horsepower

The Other Small-Block

Richard Holdener Jan 1, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Sucp 1301 02 Chevy Small Block 327 Four 2/20

1. Our 327 build up started with a four-bolt 350 block. The block was bored 0.030-over before installation of the reciprocating assembly.

Sucp 1301 03 Chevy Small Block 327 3/20

2. Though the 302, 327 and 350 all share the same 4.0-inch bore, they all run different cranks. The 3.25-inch 327 crank splits the middle between the 3.0-inch 302 and 3.48-inch 350.

Sucp 1301 04 Chevy Small Block 327 Crower 4/20

3. Our build up featured a set of 6.0-inch Crower rods, though the factory rods will suffice at this power level.

Sucp 1301 05 Chevy Small Block 327 Probe Racing 5/20

4. Wanting to duplicate the 11.0:1 compression used in the L76 327, the short-block featured domed pistons from Probe Racing.

Sucp 1301 06 Chevy Small Block 327 Comp 6/20

5. Valvetrain components were from Comp Cams. Even though we have less duration with this stick and the famed 30-30 Duntov cam, we’ll still make more power.

Sucp 1301 07 Chevy Small Block 327 Moroso Oil 7/20

6. Moroso supplied a trick pan, pump and windage tray for our 327.

Sucp 1301 08 Chevy Small Block 327 Afr Pro 1 8/20

7. One of the keys to performance on any motor is head flow. The AFR heads featured fully CNC-ported 227-cc intake ports that flowed over 300 cfm.

Sucp 1301 09 Chevy Small Block 327 Afr Pro 1 Head Valve 9/20

8. The extensive CNC port work is evident in this shot of the bowl and valve guide. These AFR heads improved head flow by 50-percent over the factory fuelie heads.

Sucp 1301 10 Chevy Small Block 327 Exhaust 10/20

9. The exhaust flow was equally impressive. The 85cc exhaust ports actually flowed more than the intake ports of the fuelie heads (226 cfm).

Sucp 1301 11 Chevy Small Block 327 Comp Cams High Tech Roller 11/20

10. Comp Cams also supplied a set of 1.5 ratio High Tech roller rockers for our build. We also tried a set of aluminum Gold rockers (same ratio) that allowed the motor to rev a little higher without valve float.

Sucp 1301 12 Chevy Small Block 327 Edelbrock Dual Plane Air Gap 12/20

11. To illustrate the differences in induction system, we tested a pair of intakes on the 327, including this dual-plane, RPM Air Gap from Edelbrock.

Sucp 1301 13 Chevy Small Block 327 Procomp Electronics Single Pain 13/20

12. Designed to optimize power production higher in the rev range, we also included this single-plane intake from Procomp Electronics.

Sucp 1301 14 Chevy Small Block 327 Holley 950 Hp 14/20

13. Fuel was supplied by a Holley 950 HP carburetor. Likely a tad oversized for this application, the 950 Holley performed flawlessly on the 327.

Sucp 1301 15 Chevy Small Block 327 Msd Ignition 15/20

14. MSD supplied the ignition system for our build up, including this billet distributor, wires and a 6A ignition amplifier.

Sucp 1301 16 Chevy Small Block 327 Hooker Super Comp 16/20

15. Exhaust was sent through a set of 1-3/4-inch Hooker Super Comp headers to 18-inch collector extensions.

Sucp 1301 17 Chevy Small Block 327 Dyno 17/20

16. Run on the dyno with the single-plane intake from Procomp Electrionics, the modified 327 produced 462 hp at 6,800 rpm and 412 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 rpm. This represented a jump of nearly 110 hp over the L76 configuration.


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