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Caburetor Repair - Carb Rescue, Part 1

Repair your caburator with the right parts, the right way.

Patrick Hill Jul 16, 2012
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For all the good technology has done for the performance world (namely electronic fuel injection), there are some downsides--namely, the fact that carburetor rebuilding (and tuning) is quickly becoming a lost art. Where it was once common for any decent repair shop to have the ability for rebuilding the old mixers of fuel and air, today you'd be lucky to find anyone in a shop who's ever driven a carb-equipped car in their life.

So, what do you do when your classic Bow Tie starts having issues, and the carb is at the heart of the problem? You call the guys who still make it their business to keep carbs going--Holley.

Brothers George and Earl Holley started their company back in 1903, with the goal of building horseless carriages. After Henry Ford approached them about just building carburetors for his cars, they moved from Pennsylvania to Detroit, and one of the oldest companies in the automotive industry was born. And while Holley offers a full array of fuel injection products today, it has never lost sight of its roots, still manufacturing brand new carbs in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Along with new carbs, Holley also offers a complete restoration/rebuilding service through their custom shop. Even if you've got a non-Holley piece (Rochester Q-Jet, Rochester 4-Jet, Motorcraft, Webber, you name it), your ailing carburetor will gladly be welcomed into the workshop of Holley's main carb rebuilder, Greg House. Greg does 99 percent of all the carb rebuilds that come through the custom shop by hand. A typical four-barrel carb that sees a similar rebuild like the one pictured here will cost a customer about $426, including the di-chromating, if needed.

To show just how good Greg is, we sent him an old 750 Double Pumper we had sitting on the shelf that hadn't seen use in over 20 years. We've got plans for this carb, and needed it back in fighting trim. Even though brand new Double Pumpers are readily available, we felt it worth the money to have it restored.

One thing we would recommend if you have a carb to send in is don't touch it! Let Holley handle all of the disassembly process, even seemingly simple stuff like small screws and other things. You could end up doing more harm than good.


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