2010 Chevy Camaro SS Spectre Intake - 10 Horsepower In 10 Minutes

Spectre's Easy-To-Install Fifth-Gen Cold Air Intake Delivered Real Performance.

In today's fast-paced world, it seems everyone is all about instant gratification. Usually the terms "instant gratification" and "horsepower" don't go together. Until now. Spectre Performance has an intake kit for the fifth-gen Camaro that is simple to install and adds horsepower across the entire RPM range-we saw 10 HP at peak to the back wheels of an automatic-transmission-equipped Camaro SS with the 400-horse L99 engine (dyno tested with the hood down).

Sucp_1101_14 2010_chevy_camaro_SS_spectre_intake Fifth_gen_camaro 2/15

Spectre told us it saw gains of 21 HP on a different car that had a few mods in place. It even has an intake for the 3.5L V-6 Camaros that adds 14 HP at some points in the RPM range. The intake kits bolts in with no modifications to the car with simple hand tools and are C.A.R.B. exempt for all the California owners.

An engine is basically a large air pump, firing off a combination of fuel and air. The more air the engine can ingest, the more horsepower it has the potential to make. Also, a free-breathing engine will have a little better throttle response, as the delay of air getting in is reduced. The Spectre intake allows more airflow and, in turn, increases the engine's ability to produce power.

The V-8 and V-6 kits can be had for less than 300 bucks and also provide that nice deep muscle car sound when you hammer the "Go" pedal. The factory intakes have a small muffler/sound suppression chamber built in to quiet the air induction under hard acceleration, which is eliminated with the Spectre intake. So if you have a new Camaro that could use more power and you can find 10 minutes of wrench time, then you should consider the Spectre intake kit.




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