FAST LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold - Fast Friends

The FAST LSXR Intake And A Procharged '10 Camaro Were Made For Each Other.

Dan Foley Dec 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Looking back at last February's issue and our story entitled, "2010 Camaro: The Next Push," we felt the new FAST LSXR 102 intake manifold it didn't receive its just-due. The big 102mm intake showed us a gain of only 4 rwhp-it didn't respond to the CNC-ported heads and bigger cam we previously tested. When tested on stock LS3/L92/L99 engines, it has shown average gains of 14-16 hp. We're not sure if there was a problem with the installation or the dyno, but we vowed to try it again once this same car had a ProCharger D-1SC blower under hood.

Sucp_1012_09 FAST_LSXR_102mm_intake_manifold Tune_time_performance_dyno 2/10

The FAST LSXR 102mm intake is a three-piece modular design that allows for easy disassembly and porting. It also sports larger and longer runners, which is a good-thing for the added volume of air pumped through a large displacement or forced-induction LS motor. Installing the ProCharger D-1SC supercharger accounted for an additional 172 hp to the wheels of the Tune Time Performance '10 Chevy Camaro SS. Now it was rematch-time for the big FAST LSXR 102mm intake.

We would bolt on the FAST intake in out of the box form. Though we would like to have done some port and polish magic to the LSR, the stock intake was untouched so we had a fair A-B comparison. The Camaro was strapped to Tune Time's Mustang dyno. We made a few stock intake baseline pulls without the methanol injection or any tuning. We witnessed consistent pulls of 544 to 549 rwhp with only 8-degrees of total timing.

On the first pull with the FAST intake, it showed an impressive increase of 40 rwhp (589 hp). Peak power was now at 6,500 rpm-right where power dropped off rapidly with the stock intake. At 6,800 rpm, the FAST intake was delivering 47 more hp to the Nitto Drag Radials. With more power at the upper-end of the power-band, we're looking to get back to the track with 3.73 gears replacing the stock 3.25s. Matt Hauffe (Tune Time and Camaro owner) reports the car has better drivability, sounds smoother, and feels faster than ever! Stay tuned.

Baseline: 549 rwhp at 6,400 rpm
FAST Intake: 589 rwhp at 6,500 rpm


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