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RHS Pro Elite 24-degree CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads are sure to give your Rat the performance it deserves. They are available with either a 339cc or 376cc intake and 135cc exhaust runners, with CNC-ported 121cc combustion chambers. The multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust valve seats offer improved airflow and increased hp straight from the factory, while the extra-thick deck surface allows angle milling for compression and increased rigidity. The 24-degree aluminum cylinder heads were designed for use with hardcore big-block drag and marine racing applications.

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Ross has introduced 10 new part numbers for forged big-block pistons intended for supercharged and turbocharged applications. Forged out of premium 2618 T-61 aluminum, they feature dual pin oilers, second-land accumulator grooves, and a flattop head design with a single valve relief. They are available in bore sizes from 4.280 to 4.530 and strokes from 4.000 to 4.250. Compression ratio varies upon application from 7.0 to 8.5:1. Even though these forgings are extremely strong, they are very lightweight, ranging from 526 grams to 706 grams. They come complete with pin locks and 5115 Series straight wall pins.

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Ross Racing Pistons

Summit Racing dual-quad carb/intake Pro Packs bring together high-quality, name-brand components for one low price. The experts at Summit Racing specially match the components to deliver increased horsepower and improved drivability. You get an Edelbrock C-66 O polished aluminum dual-quad intake, two Edelbrock Performer 600cfm carburetors, Edelbrock Elite series air cleaner, throttle linkage, intake and valve cover gaskets, and carburetor studs.

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Summit Racing Equipment

This all-new design Merlin X aluminum head from World's engineering team combines flow characteristics common to expensive race-only heads with exotic splayed valve setups, yet these are designed to accept up to 2.350 and 1.880 valves, as well as "standard" Mark IV intake systems. This has been accomplished through "rolling" the head to a 16-degree valve angle, designing highly efficient intake and exhaust ports and using a special 90cc combustion chamber. You'll probably need to get a set of pistons that take advantage of the chamber design, but other than that you can use most of everything from a standard big-block.

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World Products


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