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The Comp Cams new Elite Race solid roller lifters are built to withstand even the most demanding racing conditions. They feature an REM-polished 8620 alloy body with a modular design that allows the pushrod seat inserts to be swapped for centered, left or right offsets. This patent-pending design also includes oversized (0.400) axles that are dual-pinned with a small gap in between for better oiling, along with center and top axle oil inlets for lubrication through the axle, directly to the needles. Finally, the captured link bars offer maximum control and durability for race and high rpm applications.

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Comp Cams

Dart's new CNC-machined Pro 2 aluminum cylinder heads with 380cc intake ports are just what the doctor ordered for large displacement big-block Chevrolet racing engines. With the growing popularity of Top Sportsman, Quick 32, and other go-fast classes, engine displacements have been steadily escalating. Dart's new 380cc Pro 2 heads have the airflow capacity to feed these massive motors. Based on Dart's Race series 355-T6 aluminum head casting, the new Pro 2 head's 380cc intake runners are paired with 144cc exhaust ports. Intake valves are 2.300-inches, and the exhausts measure 1.880. Brass head bolt tubes are inserted between adjacent intake runners to allow the ports to be widened.

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Dart Machinery

With the original 454 and 502 forgings no longer available, Diamond has not only introduced replacement forged pistons in a variety of bore sizes for both engines, but also increased the compression ratios from their original ratings. These new pistons accommodate 2.190 intake and 1.880 exhaust valves and are supplied with 8620 chrome-moly piston pins and appropriate rings.

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Diamond Pistons

Doug's Headers now offers a tuned long tube header that is specifically designed to fit tall-deck big-block Chevrolet V-8 engines like the 572 in '67-69 Camaros and '68-72 Novas. These headers are built with 3/8-inch thick flanges, 16-gauge tubing, 21/8-inch primaries, 31/2-inch collectors, and are designed for maximum allowable ground clearance. They come standard with a metallic ceramic coating, reducers, 1,100-degree-rated gaskets and premium installation hardware. The headers can also be ordered uncoated if you so chose.

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Doug's Headers


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