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Inglese EZ-EFI Injection - Classic Look Fuel Injection With An EZ Flavor

If You Want Retro-Looking Induction, But Don't Want The Headaches Of Mechanical Fuel Injection Or Carbs, Inglese And Fast Have Just What You're Looking For.

Patrick Hill Mar 1, 2010
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EZ Flavor If you grew up in the '60s, seeing a car with Weber carbs-those eight stacks gulping in air to feed some sort of octane-burning monster-would make you take notice. Amongst a sea of four-barrel carburetors, a car sporting multiple Webers always stood out with its own coolness factor. Flash forward, and fuel injection has spread faster than kudzu through the hobby. More and more people are embracing electronic fuel injection and all its benefits, but yearn for a more classic-looking EFI system to give their vintage cars a period correct look.

Sucp_1003_01 Inglese_ez_efi_weber_carb_system System 2/24

Seeing the need for something different, Inglese, the induction gurus who know how to deliver a fuel/air mixture in style, came up with an EFI system with the classic look of an eight-pipe Weber carb setup. The new Inglese system can support up to 1,000 hp engines, and thanks to EFI, can handle a broad range of camshafts, allowing for a wide variety of applications. The Inglese system uses sister company FAST's XFI or EZ EFI electronics to manage everything, along with an optional FAST Dual-Sync distributor to light it off. Other features of the Inglese system are FAST Precision Flow fuel injectors (based off the LS7 injector design), cast-aluminum throttle bodies, low profile CNC-billet fuel rails, and a number of different intake manifold combinations depending on the look you want.

We were working with Inglese's parent company, Comp Cams, to get some more power out of a GM Performance Parts 620hp 572 crate engine. While on the Comp dyno, we baselined the engine stock with the Inglese system using FAST's new self-tuning EZ EFI control system. The EZ EFI is a fantastic set up, compatible with any engine running an intake manifold with a Holley 4150-style carb flange, or other fuel injection systems, and supports up to 600 ponies.

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The great thing is no laptop is needed to get the system running properly once installed. Just turn the key, let the engine warm up, then drive it around for a few minutes. The EZ EFI's self-learning system adjusts the fuel maps/curves, air/fuel ratio, and other factors to achieve an optimal setting. If you want to do some tweaking, the included control box (mountable anywhere in the car) lets you tweak the system for your individual tastes, even if you're not a computer expert.

Follow along as we tested out both the EZ EFI and Inglese systems on the Comp Cams dyno, and even threw a few different cams at the engine to see what it would do.


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