Chevy Crate Engine Options - Powerful Decision

The Latest In Crate Engines And The Other Components You Need To Motivate Your Bow Tie.

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Street And Performance
The LS3 from Street and Performance kicks out 436 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque. The LS3 has revised cylinder heads featuring rectangle ports borrowed from the vaunted LS7 with 63cc combustion chambers, 2.16-inch intake valves, and 1.59-inch exhaust valves. The camshaft features an aggressive 0.551 inches of lift on the intake side with less overlap (than the LS2) for even greater airflow and power.

Rocker arms with a 1.7:1 ratio sit on top of the heads. On the bottom end, the aluminum 6-bolt main-block features 4.06-inch bores and a 3.62-inch stroke nodular iron crankshaft. Powdered metal rods and aluminum pistons (10.7:1 compression ratio) round out a rev-happy short-block. Redline for the LS3 comes at 6,600 rpm and you will get there very quickly. The LS is detailed by Street and Performance with the company's accessories, paint, and chrome.

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Street & Performance also has the new LS9 engine, wiring harness and accessories ready for shipment. The LS9 has an aluminum cylinder block with steel, 6-bolt main bearing caps, cast iron cylinder liners, forged steel crankshaft, titanium connecting rods and forged aluminum pistons, which, when combined with the cylinder heads, delivers a 9.1:1 compression ratio. The LS9 can deliver over 620 hp, and approximately 595 lb-ft of torque. The supercharged LS9 makes big power at lower rpm and carries it in a wide arc to 6,600 rpm. The engine produces 90-percent of peak torque from 2,600 rpm to 6,000 rpm.

Street & Performance

Summit Racing Equipment
Summit now offers a huge selection in its BluePrint Engines line of crate motors, including a Chevy 355ci Vortec long-block. The iron block features a 4-bolt main, cast steel crankshaft, heavy beam rods with 150,000psi bolts, and Keith Black hypereutectic pistons. The top-end includes cast iron Vortec cylinder heads, flat tappet hydraulic lifter camshaft, double roller timing chain, dual plane intake manifold, and chrome valve covers.

The 9.5:1 compression long block is rated at 385 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque and comes with a high-volume oil pump and oil pan. The engine is also available in a fully dressed version, which also includes an Edelbrock 600cfm carburetor, MSD distributor, coil, and wires, harmonic balancer, 110gph fuel pump, and ACDelco spark plugs. Both engines are backed by a 30-month, 50,000-mile warranty.

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Summit Racing Equipment

Turn Key Engine Supply
Turn Key Engine Supply offers a variety of LS-based crate engines, like the 5.7L LS1 engine. This V8 features a cast aluminum block and heads, forged pistons, powdered metal rods, and sequential fuel injection for a 10.1:1 final compression ratio. The motor has a composite intake manifold and comes with Turn Key Engine's five wire hook-up.

Included with the package is almost everything you need to get your project going like the wiring harness, complete EFI fuel system, Delphi ECM, oil and air filters, mounting hardware, Vortec engine covers, and a comprehensive installation guide. The Street Package version also comes with a flywheel or flexplate, a starter, and headers, making the install that much easier. Performance numbers are 390hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, making this a great motor for a budget.

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