2010 Camaro SS Heads - 2010 Camaro: The Next Push

In Pursuit Of The 11s, We Move Up To A Set Of Mast Motorsport Heads.

Dan Foley Jan 2, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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With rain approaching on the radar screen, we could only chance a 20-minute cool-down. We made a couple more passes, posting an 11.87 and an 11.91 at over 119 mph. Totally satisfied with our results, we packed up and headed home.

Sucp_1002_10 2010_camaro_SS_heads Intake_port 2/32

Before our strip test, we wanted to test Performance Distributors Mini VIP 18-volt step up regulators, but time constraints and a heavy work load at Tune Time's shop prevented it. A few days later it was showtime for the 18-volt Mini VIPs. They added an impressive 8 hp and 7 lb-ft of torque to the equation (458 rwhp, 407 lb-ft). That's enough power to easily be worth a tenth at the track. Due to a stronger spark igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber, the A/F (air/fuel) mixture ratio was a tad leaner, going from 12.7 to 12.9. Tuning in a touch of enrichment could have given us a few horses, but the tune was left untouched.

The Mast Motorsports Black Label heads impressed us beyond our expectations. When you can bolt-on a set of heads that are 46 rwhp better than the great LS3/L99/L92 heads, it's amazing. The Mast Motorsports 12-degree heads show the latest improvements in LS cylinder head technology. We're sure a larger displacement or a forced induction LS engine would be rewarded more power from these massive-air-moving heads.

Sucp_1002_14 2010_camaro_SS_heads Mast_intake_port 3/32

Note: Looking at important mid-lift (0.300 and 0.400 lift) flow values, besides peak (0.600 and 0.700 lift), the MM heads show they are the highest flowing bolt-on heads available for the LS engine.




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