2010 SS Camaro ProCharger Kit - Get Z28 Power Before It Hits The Streets

Can't Wait For Chevy To Get The LSA-Powered Z28 Camaro On The Market? ProCharger Has The Kit To Satisfy Your Horsepower Lust.

Patrick Hill Oct 28, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Get Z28 Power
Since the rebirth of the Camaro, enthusiasts have been screaming for a double-throw down, suck the paint off your house and give your family a permanent orange afro version similar to brother Corvette's ZR1. The good news for Bow Tie fans is the supercharged Z28 is coming, but not for at least one model year (who knows at what cost, and it surely won't be cheap). So, what's a horsepower-rabid Camaro owner to do? Call the boost experts at ProCharger, that's what.

Sucp_1001_01 2010_ss_camaro_procharger_kit New_blower_kit 2/72

ProCharger's new '10 SS Camaro centrifugal blower kit comes complete with everything a new Camaro owner needs to give his LS3 or L99 a 175-plus horsepower (at the flywheel) shot in the arm. We upped the rear-wheel ponies on a stock six-speed manual SS from a respectable 364 to a Mustang-crushing 519 with a mere 6 pounds of boost.

Sucp_1001_79 2010_ss_camaro_procharger_kit FAST_components 3/72

Follow along as we install this new kit on Chevy's 21st century sports coupe for some tire-roasting fun.


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