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1970 Chevelle Rear End & Suspension - Get Your Chassis Equipped For Battle: Project American Heroes III, Part 3

Our '70 Chevelle Charity Car Gets The Latest From Detroit Speed And Strange To Ensure It's Up To The Rigors Of Its Future Supercharged Powerplant.

Arvid Svendsen Dec 1, 2009
Sucp_0912_01_z 1970_chevelle_rear_end_suspension Frame 2/27

The focus for the Project American Heroes III '70 Chevelle has turned to the chassis. The third in our series of charity builds to benefit The Armed Forces Foundation has Bill Jelinek and his outstanding crew at Route 66 Motorsports in New Lenox, Illinois, working feverishly to meet our usual unreasonable deadlines. Route 66 has completed the metal work for the '70 Chevelle-the quarters and front clip have been installed, trunk extensions are in, and the doors have been expertly gapped. Options are still being discussed for the "gotta have it" L-88-style hood.

The PAH3 A-body is awaiting a substantial horsepower producer-in this instance, an LSA crate engine from the good people at GM Performance Parts-and big horsepower calls for a chassis to provide a solid, punishment-ready foundation.

Sucp_0912_04_z 1970_chevelle_rear_end_suspension Components 3/27

Detroit Speed & Engineering supplied its Swivel Link rear suspension kit, coilover conversion kit with DSE coilovers, and its chassis brace kit.

For that reason, the chassis for our A-body is being assembled with some of the very best parts offered by the aftermarket today. First up is making sure the rear end can handle the LSA's monstrous torque.

Fortunately, Strange Engineering has stepped up to the plate to provide its S-series nodular iron Ford 9-inch-style rear. The big housing ends and Timken bearings, 3.50 gears, and Traction-Lok make for the perfect street-strip package. The Strange Engineering center section is far superior to OEM offerings, and promises to be able and willing to take a beating.

Though set up as a streetcar, the PAH3 Chevelle demands a rear suspension system that will be able to withstand the torque of full-throttle launches, yet be able to slice through corners on the street or road course. Detroit Speed & Engineering has the perfect solution. Its recently released "Swivel-Link" rear suspension system eliminates bind, allowing full articulation of the solid rear suspension without the use of spherical rod ends, which can be noisy.

The "Swivel-Link" system makes pinion angle adjustment a walk in the park. With DSE's coilover suspension at all four corners, a rigid platform, and a driveline capable of handling massive amounts of power, the PAH3 Chevelle will be seriously equipped for battle.




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