Special High Performance Chevy Block - Progression In A Recession

Dart Delivers Some Much-Needed Relief To Your Wallet In The Form Of Its New Shp 525HP Block.

Michael Galimi Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

The assembled short-block awaits its top end. This is what you get when you order a SHP short-block. This is a great option for those who have a top end and need a new short-block. Dart uses all new parts and offers a variety of options.

Fel-Pro gaskets are used to seal the Dart Pro1 180 heads to the deck surface.

Dart has tested numerous heads on this type of short-block. Thanks to the mild cam and compression, the 180cc heads make the most power. The heads are aluminum and feature 2.02/1.60 valves.

The intake ports flow 257cfm at 0.500-inch lift, which are out-of-the-box results.

The exhaust port comes out-of-the-box to this party at a healthy 172cfm, also at 0.500-inch lift.

Dart's Jeff Lake highly recommends CMD extreme pressure lube. Here he is applying it to the ARP head bolts.

Lake torques the heads down as the engine nears completion.

A set of 1.5:1 roller rocker arms was bolted down after the pushrods were slid into place.

A Dart dual-plane intake was selected for this engine. Its design promotes low-end torque.

A Mallory distributor is in charge of the spark for this engine.

A Demon 650 carburetor was used on top of the 400ci engine and it worked flawlessly. The only upgrade was a 1/2-inch spacer that was installed during dyno testing.

A set of Dart chrome valve covers are added and the SHP engine is almost ready for dyno testing. At this point, some observant readers might notice the lack of intake bolts. Lake and McAfee bolted the intake down after these photos were taken.

The result is 525hp and a peak torque output of 524 lb-ft. It is a healthy street engine that won't break the bank and keep you ahead of those pesky Mustangs and late-model LS cars.


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