Supercharged Chevy Trailblazer SS - Get Magna-Fied

We Get This 5,000-Pound Trailblazer Ss Into The 12s With A Magna Charger.

Dan Ryder Aug 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0808_09_z Supercharged_chevy_trailblazer_ss Intake_manifold 2/26

The next order of business was to remove all the intake manifold fasteners, vacuum lines, remaining injector and sensor harness connections, and the fuel feed line. We also removed the throttle body, which will be installed onto the supercharger unit later. (Fuel pressure must be relieved via the check valve on the passenger-side fuel rail. Before disconnecting the feed line, a screwdriver and shop rag will be needed to safely relieve all pressure.)

Once the intake is removed, it is important to either vacuum or carefully clean the dirt, leaves, and whatever else has accumulated underneath to prepare for the removal of the valley cover. Next, the upper radiator hose and alternator were removed from the vehicle once all the fasteners were removed.

Sucp_0808_17_z Supercharged_chevy_trailblazer_ss Timing_belt 3/26

Here, Dan removed the coolant vent crossover tube as indicated in the instructions, allowing room for the removal of the stock valley cover. Both a new vent tube and valley cover are provided with the new kit in order to install the Magna Charger. No major headaches thus far.

Once the new valley cover was torqued down with its unique countersunk fasteners for additional clearance, the new vent tube was installed with a new O-ring for trouble-free sealing. Also pictured is the entirely new tensioner assembly included within the kit. It contains a unique mounting provision for the new water pump outlet to be installed.

Sucp_0808_21_z Supercharged_chevy_trailblazer_ss Altered_bracket 7/26

Pictured here is the old water pump outlet (top), as well as the new unit. The new unit is available to be clocked into different radii to provide the ultimate in clearance. Also pictured is the alternator bracket, which Dan has marked for a little trimming.This step can be performed in the vehicle-just be sure to cover the entire engine compartment to keep any shavings from entering into the intake ports or other places. A suitable grinder and protective eyewear are a must during this step.

This image shows the altered bracket, which provided the needed clearance for the Magna Charger to be installed. Both Dan and technician Denny Longworth hoist the MP112 atop the LS2 6-liter, being careful not to disturb the preinstalled intake manifold gaskets. Once properly aligned, the fasteners were torqued to 89 lb/in, as per the instructions.




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