Chevy Caprice Nitrous Kit - Killer Whale, Part 3

Police Action--Adding A Zex Nitrous System Catapults Our Cop Car Into The Mid-13s

Vinnie The Hitman May 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Our Caprice had a large black plastic sheathing that was probably once occupied by numerous power wires for sirens and lights. It now serves as a safe place for us to route our nitrous feed line. Then we simply followed the wiring harness to the trunk area and secured everything down with the factory wiring mounts.

Just for shifts and giggles, we drove our Killer Whale from the track right onto the Dynojet 248c over at Crazy Horse Racing in nearby South Amboy, New Jersey. Once the dyno rollers were stopped, we were pleased to find 346 horsepower and 407.3 lb-ft of torque at the wheels from our nitrous-enhanced LT1.

This sounded a little low to us on both the horsepower and torque, considering that we used the 125-horse jets. The torque question was easily answered because we did not activate the nitrous until 3,500 rpm, which was well past the torque peak that normally occurs at 2,900 rpm. To compare apples to apples, we should look at the torque at the same engine speed at, say, 3,800 rpm. This was where torque was up by 87 lb-ft. But it still didn't explain why we weren't making much power. A quick peek at a borrowed nitrous pressure gauge revealed that we had only 750 psig of nitrous pressure, which was well below the minimum recommended 900-1,000 psig. This explained the power difference between the advertised numbers and what we got on the track and dyno. It also reminded us why no nitrous kit should be installed without a bottle warmer and gauge. When we get more time, we'll go back with a full head of nitrous and get you a better number. But the results from this exercise are certainly incredible.

In the end, we've proven that nitrous is indeed an irresistible power adder. Its simple installation does not require any special tools, trick computer tuning, or big-dollar support items such as massive fuel pumps, injectors, and ignition upgrades. Installed at home with just a few tools, we were able to drop our Caprice solidly into the mid-13s.


Crazy Horse Racing
South Amboy, NJ 08879
Zex Performance Products
Memphis, TN 38118




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