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We Finally Get The Big-Block Into A '72 Nova, And Flog It Out At Memphis Motorsports Park.

Thomas J. Lyman Feb 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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In the last installment of Southern Heat, we chronicled the buildup of a 496 BBC, apportioned with a slew of Edelbrock parts-namely the company's big-block Top End Kit. The rat made just over 600 hp on an engine dyno, a decent number for an engine with out-of-the-box components. The install was also our first chance to peep the other parts that made this build possible-namely a TCI TH400 trans, a set of Hedman Hedders, a Flex-a-lite performance radiator, and an MSD Digital 6 box coupled with a Blaster 2 coil and a HEI distributor.

We also decided to mix things up on the fuel side-we called upon Holley to supply us with a carb, and it suggested a 4150 HP 950-cfm four-barrel. This installment also features the Edelbrock nitrous kit that was mentioned in part 1-a 150 shot that should really help the Nova get down the track.

The next step, logically, was slamming the rat into the car, and taking it out to the track to see if it would do what we originally wanted it to do-run very fast quarter-mile times, while being entirely streetable. The perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of NMCA's True Street competition. We had originally planned for Nova owner Stephen Loflin to take the car out to his home track in Commerce, Ge orgia, but a problem with the starter scuttled that plan.

He hauled it out to the NMCA World Finals at Memphis Motorsports Park in October, a massive event that saw over 50 True Street entrants. The competition was, in a word, stiff. However, the Nova performed well. Also, while we didn't take home any hardware, the car is still running fine, having suffered no malfunctions at the track.

You'll have to flip a few pages to see just how well the Sea Foam Green machine did, but the owner is delighted with the result and so are we.


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