Brackets And Radiator Installation - Brackets and Pulleys and Fans, Oh My!

Keeping your engine cool and in line with Zoops and Flex-a-lite

Mike Harrington Jul 9, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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With the power steering pump and pulley installed, we need to find a place to mount the remote reservoir.

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We mistakenly mounted the remote reservoir on the inner fender, but soon realized that the hoses coming out of the bottom of the reservoir would need to make a 90-degree bend. Simply put, we didn't have enough space, so we had to make a mounting bracket and attach it to the core support. More on that in a few captions.

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One thing I didn't realize was that when switching over from the old power steering pump to the new one, we needed all new hoses and fittings. Luckily, Zoops is a local Southern California company and a quick trip to their shop was made to pick up this power steering hose kit (part # 9560). If, perchance, you don't live nearby, make certain you order the correct kit for your application. The kit comes with 9 feet of braided hose, which is more than enough and also comes with 12 AN fittings.

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Another must-have tool-an AN wrench. We didn't have any at the shop so we went to a local company, Bonaco Inc., which specializes in hoses, braided hoses and AN fittings of every shape and size. The company loaned us this nifty adjustable wrench specifically for use with AN fittings. The tech gurus at Bonaco also gave us pointers on how to properly attach AN fittings and hoses.

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After the measurements were made, it was time to cut the hose down to size. When you cut through braided steel lines, wrap some electrical tape around the hose where you plan to cut. The tape will keep the braided steel from unraveling and will keep burrs to a minimum.

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When attaching the hose to the fitting, use a vice with aluminum caps, and don't squeeze the vice too tightly and crush the AN fitting. Also be sure that the ends of the braided hose are completely tucked in and that no frayed or burred steel is hanging out. Once the hose is in, twist it into the fitting in a clockwise direction. Keep twisting the hose into place until it reaches the threads.

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Before attaching the male end of the fitting into the female, stretch the hose out a bit. That way it will seal and not back itself out of the fitting.


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