Brackets And Radiator Installation - Brackets and Pulleys and Fans, Oh My!

Keeping your engine cool and in line with Zoops and Flex-a-lite

Mike Harrington Jul 9, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0706_06_z Chevy_350_engine Radiator_and_bracket_installation 2/34

The Zoops bracket installs against the block and is adjustable both forward and backward as indicated by the arrows. The adjusting bar installs on the lowest bolt of the water pump and then attaches to the steering pump (which is not installed yet). The bracket set comes with all the hardware needed.

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After the power steering bracket is installed, the alternator bracket and adjusting bar are up next (part # 8104).

Sucp_0706_08_z Chevy_350_engine Radiator_and_bracket_installation 4/34

Just like the power steering bracket, the alternator bracket is adjustable both forward and backward. And, if you notice, it also clears the valve covers.

Sucp_0706_09_z Chevy_350_engine Radiator_and_bracket_installation 5/34

We had to swap out the single groove pulley on the alternator with a double. Fortunately, we had some OEM pulleys lying around the shop.

Sucp_0706_10_z Chevy_350_engine Radiator_and_bracket_installation 6/34

This is how the Type II power steering pump will sit in the bracket and how the alternator will sit. None of the bolts at this point have been tightened. Pulleys still have to be pressed on, hoses need to be attached and brackets have to be aligned.

Sucp_0706_11_z Chevy_350_engine Radiator_and_bracket_installation 7/34

One specialty tool you will absolutely need is this installer tool. There is no other way to get the new Zoops pulley (part #8017) onto the GM pump.

Sucp_0706_12_z Chevy_350_engine Radiator_and_bracket_installation 8/34

Don't even think of using a hammer or press, the backside of the pump will blow out and be ruined. This is one tool we didn't have at the shop, so we had to hunt one down.


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