Big-Block Cylinder Heads - Head Trip, Part 2

Big-block heads for the spendthrift builder

Mike Harrington Jun 22, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0706_04_z Chevy_big_block_cylinder_heads Brodix 2/17

(479) 394-1075

Race Rite BB-R 294cc, BB-O 270cc BBC Cylinder Head

Brodix has a direct replacement for stock cast-iron heads. These heads from its Race Rite series are made from cast aluminum and are available in rectangular or oval port castings. Brodix has also designed the Race Rite heads to work directly with the stock pistons and intake manifold. The Race Rite heads come in two available sizes: the BB-R comes with a 294cc intake port while the BB-O comes with a 270cc intake port. Both heads have a 119cc combustion chamber, a 2.250 intake valve, and a 1.880 exhaust valve. An out-of-the-box assembled pair of the Race Rite heads runs approximately $1,939.

Sucp_0706_05_z Chevy_big_block_cylinder_heads Holley 3/17

(270) 782-2800

Aluminum Oval Port 261cc Intake BBC Cylinder Head

Holley gets it done with a pair of aluminum oval port heads that have been CNC-machined. They are made for engines made from 1965 to 1975 with EGR (pn 300-556), and without EGR (pn 300-554). The Holley heads have 261cc intake and 110cc combustion chamber that are designed for low compression pump gas use. These heads come with a 2.19 and 1.88 intake and exhaust valves and stock location exhaust ports. An assembled set of heads will run about $2,200.

Sucp_0706_06_z Chevy_big_block_cylinder_heads Jegs 4/17

(800) 345-4545

"J" Series Cast Aluminum 310cc BBC Cylinder Head

Jegs High Performance not only sells just about any performance part you can think of, it also sells its own performance Rat heads. Jegs "J" series of BBC heads are cast aluminum and CNC-machined for a precise fit. These square port aluminum heads feature 310cc intake runners, as-cast 119cc combustion chambers and raised exhaust ports (.625-inch). Jegs uses longer valves so you will need to check pushrod length. A pair of assembled "J" series heads retails at $1,779 (base price).

Sucp_0706_07_z Chevy_big_block_cylinder_heads Air_flow_research 5/17

Air Flow Research
(877) 892-8844

Magnum 325cc BBC Cylinder Head

AFR's Magnum heads are available with a variety of upgrades, ranging from intake port sizes starting at 305 cc all the way to 357 cc. The upgrades are almost too numerous to list, so we'll take a look at the as-cast, CNC bowl-blended, aluminum Magnum 325cc intake port head. This particular head comes with the standard 119cc combustion chambers, 2.250 intake valves and 1.880 exhaust valves. Should you desire a fully CNC'd set of heads from AFR, all you have to do is ask. A pair of the 325cc heads usually retails for around $2,485.

Sucp_0706_08_z Chevy_big_block_cylinder_heads Edelbrock 6/17

(800) 416-8628

Oval Port Aluminum Performer 290cc BBC Cylinder Head

The Edelbrock Performer series of cylinder heads really needs no introduction. The oval port aluminum Performer heads feature 290cc intake ports and 110cc combustion chambers with 2.19 and 1.88 intake and exhaust valves. The Performer is a great streetable head and retails for about $1,920.

Sucp_0706_09_z Chevy_big_block_cylinder_heads GM_performance_parts 7/17

GM Performance Parts
(877) 892-8844

Oval Port Aluminum 290cc BBC Cylinder Head

GMPP has a pair of great aluminum oval port heads featuring 290cc intake runners and 110cc combustion chambers and 2.250 and 1.880 intake and exhaust valves. The exhaust ports are in the stock location so there's no need to mess around with new headers. Out of the box, an assembled pair of these heads will run about $1,920.


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