Budget Chevy Cylinder Heads - Head Trip, Part 1

The Latest And Greatest Performance Heads For The Budget Builder

Mike Harrington May 7, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Aerohead Racing Components
(317) 862-0223
Aerohead Cast 165cc Iron SBC Cylinder Head

Aeroheads are reconditioned and come assembled with a "like new" appearance and quality, all new Aeromaxx parts installed, and a milled deck surface. These heads have outstanding features that include premium one-piece, stainless steel, high-flow valves; heat treated and machined steel retainers and valve locks, seals, bronze wall valve guides; a 3-angle valve job; and heavy duty valve springs. All heads listed accept their respective stock equipment (i.e. intake manifolds, exhaust headers and manifolds, valvetrain, valve covers, and accessory bolt holes). The heads also offer a modern, fast burn combustion chamber design.

Cost: $625.

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RHS (Racing Head Service)
(877) 776-4323
Pro Torker 1 170cc Iron Vortec SBC Cylinder Heads

Once again proving its commitment to "Power by Design," the new RHS Pro Torker Vortec Iron Performance cylinder heads deliver superior flow characteristics over all other previously available iron small-block Chevrolet heads. In comparison to the popular GM 906 casting, the RHS Pro Torker Vortec cylinder heads deliver 27 more cfm at 0.500-inch lift. Constructed from high quality cast-iron, these heads are perfect for racing classes where iron heads (with standard 2.02-inch intake and 1.600-inch exhaust valve sizing) are required. Featuring dual pattern (four and six bolt) intake compatibility, these heads work with virtually any intake manifold (including early style) rather than being restricted to Vortec-style components, which has been a limiting factor in the past.

Equipped with hardened exhaust seats, multi-angle performance intake valve seats, and "Fast Burn" 64cc combustion chambers, the new RHS Pro Torker Vortec heads are perfect for both race and street performance applications. Featuring spring seats specially machined for 1.550-inch valve springs, and premium bronze valve guides designed to avoid potential retainer to guide clearance issues when used with high lift camshafts, RHS delivers the ultimate in high quality, high-flow cylinder head technology with its new Vortec SBC Iron Performance Cylinder Heads. Features include: a 170cc intake runner, multi-angled intake valve seats, radiused exhaust valve seats, a 1.550-inch valve spring seat, improved retainer-to-guide clearance, hardened valve seats, extra-thick deck faces, and a dual pattern (early and late model) intake manifold compatibility.

Cost: $450 (assembled; flat tappet).

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RHS (Racing Head Service)
(877) 776-4323
Pro Action 200cc Iron/Aluminum SBC Cylinder Heads

The new Pro Action cylinder heads use advanced airflow and cooling technology to deliver the most "out of the box" power and torque available, claims RHS. A manufacturing process labeled Clean Cast Technology ensures that its products meet strict tolerances and achieve superior final workmanship in order to eliminate the need for extensive after-purchase porting. As an added benefit, the refined RHS water jacket design flows much better than the competition, delivering improved heat dissipation and yielding more consistent and reliable horsepower.

Pro Action 23-Degree SBC Cylinder Heads feature specially designed runners and combustion chambers (available in 50cc, 64cc, and 72cc volumes) to maximize volume, atomization, and velocity. An improved valve guide material yields tighter tolerances and extended durability. Available in aluminum or iron, and straight or angle spark plug configurations, Pro Action SBC cylinder heads accept 1.550-inch diameter springs, and standard style rockers and valvetrain. Options include as-cast, CNC'd chambers, or matched assemblies utilizing Comp Cams components. Standard features include multi-angle intake, and radiused exhaust valve seats for up to five percent more flow and improved guide and seat material. Select from 180cc, 200cc, 220cc, and 235cc intake runners, and 50cc, 64cc, and 72cc combustion chambers.

Cost: $626 (assembled).

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Iron Eagle Platinum 180cc Cast-iron cylinder SBC Cylinder head

Dart has developed more efficient port designs with improved velocity and flow capabilities, and the results are the Iron Eagle Platinum cylinder heads. The combustion chamber of these heads has been redesigned, and the casting walls made cleaner, for greater breathing characteristics and more controllable combustion. Also featured are hardened exhaust seats for better durability with unleaded fuel, and a 5-angle competition valve job on the intake, with a full radius on the exhaust valve. These heads also accept most stock bolt-on components. The result of three decades of cylinder head development, Iron Eagle heads incorporate features that were previously available only in expensive aluminum cylinder heads. Dart designed the Iron Eagle heads for street performance, bracket racing, oval track competition, and high-performance marine use. five different intake ports are offered: 165cc, 180cc, 200cc, 215cc, and 230cc, that cover virtually every engine application. Dart Iron Eagle heads have standard features you don't get in other factory and aftermarket cast-iron cylinder heads. Long-wearing bronze valve guides (except S/S), multi-angle intake valve seats, and hardened and radiused exhaust seats are standard.

Sucp_0705_16_z Budget_cylinder_heads Dart_pro 6/23

(248) 362-1188
Pro 1 200cc Aluminum SBC Cylinder Head

There's a Pro 1 head for virtually every small-block engine. Dart offers a choice of four intake runner sizes (180 cc, 200 cc, 215 cc, and 230 cc), two chamber volumes (64 cc and 72 cc), five valve diameters, and straight or angled spark plugs. Dart has improved the original small-block design with extra-thick decks and high-capacity water jackets that increase reliability in high-performance applications. Hardened exhaust seats and long-lasting mag-bronze valve guides significantly extend cylinder head life. Pro 1 heads are engineered for easy installation.

These heads work with standard small-block pistons, headers, and valvetrain components, and are bolt-on replacements for most conventional 23 heads.




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