Budget Chevy Cylinder Heads - Head Trip, Part 1

The Latest And Greatest Performance Heads For The Budget Builder

Mike Harrington May 7, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0705_07_z Budget_cylinder_heads Brodix_IK 2/23

(479) 394-1075
IK 180cc & 200cc Aluminum SBC Cylinder Head

These new small-block heads offer the only two things that matter: performance and price. New features for the IK 180/200 include a revolutionary ultra-casting, versatile 180cc or 200cc intake ports that are specifically designed for optimum versatility, and 64cc or 70cc combustion chambers. 2.020/1.600 intake and exhaust valves allow the use of several types of fuels. Standard features include: A-356 virgin aluminum alloy, phosphorous bronze valve guides, valve seats for use with unleaded fuel, ends milled and drilled for accessories, and a straight spark-plug angle. CNC ported combustion chambers are available as large as 74 cc. These are the most affordable high quality aluminum cylinder heads on the market.

Cost: $1,070 (for assembled heads).

Sucp_0705_08_z Budget_cylinder_heads Brodix_race_rite 3/23

(479) 394-1075
Race Rite 180cc & 200cc Aluminum SBC Cylinder Head

These Race-Rite heads from Brodix for small-block Chevys are available with 180cc or 200cc intake ports. They feature 67cc combustion chambers, 2.020/1.600 intake and exhaust valves on the 180cc, and 2.055/1.600 intake and exhaust on the 200cc models. These aluminum CNC-machined, fully assembled heads can be used in street and strip applications. Brodix installs solid, phosphorous bronze guides, and ductile iron valve seats reducing valve leakage and oil consumption.

Cost: The assembled 200cc retails for about $1,329.

Sucp_0705_09_z Budget_cylinder_heads Enginequest 4/23

EQ (Enginequest)
(800) 426-8771
EQ Cast 180cc & 200cc Iron SBC Cylinder Head

Enginequest stock replacement and performance cylinder heads are designed to provide maximum power with minimum effort. They're engineered and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and are available from over 300 different retailers. All EQ 23 cylinder heads feature specially designed runners and combustion chambers (available in 50cc, 64cc, and 72cc volumes) to maximize velocity, volume, and atomization. Their improved valve guide material allows for tighter tolerances and extended durability. The heads are available in cast-iron, and straight or angled spark-plug configurations. EQ Lightning Heads accept 1.55-inch diameter springs and standard style rockers. All performance cylinder heads have the following: as-cast combustion chambers and ports, Dura Bond exhaust seats, a three-angle valve job, thick deck faces for angle milling, phosphor bronze intake, and exhaust guides machined for guide plate use.

Cost: $860.50 K1 (hydraulic flat tappet up to .550 lift-1.460-inch single w/damper 110lbs @ 1.800-inch); $899.50 K2 (solid flat tappet or hydraulic roller up .600 lift-1.460-inch dual w/damper 135lbs @ 1.800-inch).

Sucp_0705_17_z Budget_cylinder_heads Powerhouse_engine_components 5/23

Powerhouse Engine Components, Inc.
(661) 861-0167
Powerhouse 190cc Aluminum SBC Cylinder Head

You've seen the ads in Super Chevy that read: "Home of the 383 Stroker Kit." Did you know Powerhouse also makes and sells cylinder heads? Powerhouse aluminum cylinder heads feature a 64cc chamber/190cc intake runner, and a spring setup for .550-inch flat tappet hydraulic cams (upgrades available). Heads feature 2.05-inch x 1.60-inch stainless steel, swirl polished valves, .550-inch lift (1.460-inch OD) dual valve springs, chrome-moly retainers, 10 hardened valve locks, high-temp valve seals, and bronze guides. The straight or angled plugs both include 3/8-inch screw-in studs and guideplates (and require +.100-inch long hardened pushrods).

Cost: $799 (assembled).

Sucp_0705_11_z Budget_cylinder_heads Holley_avenger 6/23

Holley Performance Products
(270) 782-2900
Avenger 184cc Aluminum SBC Cylinder Head

Holley Performance Products is proud to introduce the latest addition to its line of aluminum cylinder heads for 305, 327, and 350ci small-blocks built up to 1986. The Avenger heads are cast 356 aluminum, heat treated to T-6 for strength and then CNC machined to exact tolerances. A .500-inch deck thickness was designed into the casting to give maximum strength and to improve gasket retention. All rocker stud and exhaust manifold bolt holes are heli-coiled for added strength and durability. The Avenger heads offer a 20-degree valve angle design to help optimize the intake and exhaust runner flow, but still retain the stock port locations for intake manifolds and exhaust headers. The heads come fully assembled with one-piece stainless steel swirl polished under-cut 2.02-inch intake valves and 1.60 exhaust valves; hardened steel guide plates; ARP rocker studs; and Lunati valve springs, locks, and retainers capable of handling the high-lift camshafts. The port-matched 184cc intake and 68cc exhaust runners are port-matched to ensure maximum flow, horsepower, and torque. In most cases the Avenger heads can be interchanged with factory heads. The 68cc combustion chambers are performance-designed to keep compression ratios down for use with pump gas, and the spark plug location has been optimized for better combustion.

Cost: $1,400 (MSRP).


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