Chevy Small Block Pulley System - Another Makeover

With A Concept One Pulley System

Dakota Wentz Mar 28, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0608_04_z Chevy_small_block_engine Bolt 2/15

When installing the new water pump setup, we made sure to use Teflon on our bolts.

Sucp_0608_05_z Chevy_small_block_engine Water_pump_install 3/15

Always use the proper gear when required.

Sucp_0608_06_z Chevy_small_block_engine Alternator_bracket 4/15

Here it's clear to see that the CNC-machined parts are top-notch. Before installing the Concept One alternator bracket and arm, some mild assembly is required. The arm needs to be fastened to the brackets.

Sucp_0608_07_z Chevy_small_block_engine Anti_sieze 5/15

Because we are dealing with an engine accessories install, our parts are going to see some hot temperatures. For that reason, we applied antiseize to our bolts. It may seem like tedious work, but it could save you a headache down the road.

Sucp_0608_08_z Chevy_small_block_engine Alternator_install 6/15

The alternator setup bolted right up with no hassle. Concept One has gone to great lengths to make sure the install goes as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

Sucp_0608_09_z Chevy_small_block_engine Power_steering_pump 7/15

For those of you who are a little confused about Concept One's mini-reservoir power steering pump, here's a quick snapshot: The pump and reservoir is a standalone unit that can be used with stock pulleys or other aftermarket systems. (The piece can be used with a Concept One system, or it can be ordered separately and adapted to your current setup.) Each kit comes with an all-new Concept One aluminum power steering pump, a polished V-belt pulley, a polished block-mounted bracket, and Concept One's exclusive "Mini Reservoir," made from billet aluminum and polished to a show finish. The added cost? Less than a Benjamin.


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