Chevy Small Block Pulley System - Another Makeover

With A Concept One Pulley System

Dakota Wentz Mar 28, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0608_10_z Chevy_small_block_engine Power_steering_pump 2/15

The power steering pump with a mini-reservoir is a compact piece, as you can see. Before we installed it, there was some simple assembly required.

Sucp_0608_11_z Chevy_small_block_engine Power_steering_pump_pulley 3/15

Once the pump was in place, the 4-inch pulley was bolted to it.

Sucp_0608_12_z Chevy_small_block_engine Power_steering_pump_lines 4/15

With the pump in place, it was time to plumb it. Concept One doesn't provide prefabbed hoses due to their many different configurations. It does offer a do-it-yourself kit, or many local parts stores can make lines for you.

Sucp_0608_13_z Chevy_small_block_engine AC_bracket 5/15

On the opposite side of the motor, we began rigging the A/C setup. First, the A/C bracket needed to be installed to the block.

Sucp_0608_14_z Chevy_small_block_engine AC_compressor 6/15

We used the proper Sanden compressor unit. To make ourselves feel special, we got hooked up with this polished unit to seal the deal. The compressor bolts to the bracket and the billet arm.


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