March Performance Serpentine Belt System - Ultra Drive

A Serpentine Belt System for Performance Engines

Jim Rizzo Feb 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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The March system used in this install is a complete package that includes everything needed for its installation, right down to the nuts and bolts. Above and beyond the hardware, brackets and pulleys, a polished Sanden A/C compressor, a polished custom March alternator, an aluminum reverse rotation water pump, a GM Type-2 power steering pump, and an OEM-style tensioner are part of the package, as well.

Building the reciprocating assembly of your performance engine is only half the job, outfitting it with a host of external parts that are up to the task of working with it is the rest. We all know how important heads, intake, carbs, headers, and ignitions are to final performance, but we should pay just as much attention to our accessory drive system, as well. Heck, you don't want the heartache of busted or misaligned drivebelts after you've worked so hard and spent the dough to build or buy the engine of our dreams-you want to use it.

The owner of this extremely stout 383-stroker motor knew just what we were talking about and made the smart choice to drive his accessories via a serpentine system, a March Performance Ultra Drive, as a matter of fact. Drive system installation is a far cry from rocket science, but there are a few tricks that make any installation a bit easier, and in this quick overview we'll do our best to point 'em out. Take a look and maybe save yourself a bit of time on your install.


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