Using Compression to Make Horsepower in a Small Block Chevy - Danger Mouse Part 23

Part 23: Squeeze Play

Mike Petralia Jul 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0407_07_z Chevy_engine_build Dyno_chart 2/12

Danger Mouse specs for Part 21 - Test 36*:
*Last test from previous month355 cid, 10:1 cr, 4.030-bore 4-bolt Motown block, 3.48-stroke Lunati crank, 5.7-inch Lunati rods, Lunati flat-top forged pistons, Total Seal ductile iron Gapless top rings, Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads (64cc chambers, 215cc runners, 2.08-inch intake valves, 1.60-inch exhaust valves), Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifold, COMP Cams XR286R solid roller camshaft installed at 105 intake CL (248/254 at .050, 286/292 adv, .606/.612 lift with COMP 1.6:1 rockers, 110 LS), Holley HP1000 carb, and 38 degrees total ignition advance

Sucp_0407_13_z Chevy_engine_build Compression_tester 3/12

Do you have a compression tester? If not, check out this new one in the Sears Craftsman catalog. It costs $50 and comes with a complete kit and carrying case. We broke it in on DM this month and measured 210 psi cranking pressure, which is quite a bit.

Danger Mouse specs for Part 23 - Test 37:
New 12.5:1cr Lunati pistons, Carb Shop modified Holley HP950, 36 degrees total ignition advance

Danger Mouse specs for Part 23 - Test 38:
Same as T37, but swapped to 105 octane fuel

Danger Mouse specs for Part 23 - Test 39:
Same as T38, but installed Pertronix distributor with timing curve starting at 18 degrees initial

We're always looking for new ideas. Do you have a better one for Danger Mouse?

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Note how DM's torque kinda' moved all around the map at the bottom of the curve, but stabilized up top. Most likely, that was due to detonation with the pump gas in T37 and a lack of any type of timing curve in T38. T39 had the benefit of both higher-octane gas and a timing curve to boost low-end power considerably. Also note that top end power never changed.


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