LS6 427 Short Block - LS6 Super Stroker

427-Inches Of Stack-Injected, All-Aluminum, Gen III Muscle

Andrew Schear Jun 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Unique to these pistons on such a large stroke, are pins that do not intrude into the oil rail.

In the past, the biggest detriment to Third-Generation motors was the aesthetic appearance. It's been one of Scott's personal goals to make the motors leaving his shop as nice to look at as any billet-dressed 350 out there. By using custom valve covers, trick aluminum water pumps, aluminum intake manifolds and remote coil packs, Scott has made a reliable power package that not only sounds sweet but looks great, check it out!

Short Block - 427 CI, bore (4.125) & stroke (4.00)
*New GM aluminum LS6 bare block
*Darton sleeve kit
*HTC Ion-Plasma Gas Nitrided forged crank
*Forged Carrillo A-beam rods
*Forged CP pistons 10.5:1
*Speed Pro rings
*Federal Mogul bearings

Top End
*New GM Bare LS6 head w/large displacement CNC-porting
*Ferrea valves: 2.055 In 1.60 Ex
*Comp Cams ovate beehive springs 26918-19
*Comp Cams custom cam kit
*Intake lift: .534"
*Exhaust lift: .537"
*Intake duration at .050" 224
*Exhaust duration at .050" 228
*Comp Cams adjustable timing gear set
*Comp Cams shaft roller rocker arms (adjustable)
*Comp Cams "R" lifters
*Comp Cams 3/8" chrome moly pushrods
*Gen III Performance custom velocity stack injection
*Gen III Performance valve covers & breather
*Gen III Performance billet fuel rails & assembly

*Aeromotive adjustable Fuel Regulator (30-100 psi)
*Bosch fuel pump
*ARP fasteners
*Holley 55-pound injectors
*Meziere LS1 street electric water pump

*Electromotive TEC3 engine control unit
*Electromotive coils
*Electromotive engine harness, custom fit for project
*Customized ECU programming for car/engine by Gen III Performance




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