LS6 427 Short Block - LS6 Super Stroker

427-Inches Of Stack-Injected, All-Aluminum, Gen III Muscle

Andrew Schear Jun 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Our 427 LS6 by Gen III Performance not only made great power on pump gas but had a unique, all-polished aluminum look.

Since the inception of the small-block Chevy, enthusiasts, engine builders and manufacturers have devoted careers and personal fortunes to 350-inch performance. With no exception, the automotive aftermarket has recreated virtually every component in the venerable Mouse. As shown by the ever-so-popular Engine Masters Challenge the SBC is the engine of envy. Fact is, you can't beat a 350 Chevy.

Just as mass-produced aluminum heads revolutionized the cylinder head market and the roller cam became standard equipment, the Gen III all-aluminum engines found in Corvettes and Camaros are the high-tech hot rodder's choice. Any consumer can have a complete LS1 sent directly to their door with a stand-alone harness complete to the last wire. There are no more excuses of motor mount complications or torque converters. Everything needed to drop a Gen III motor into ancient iron is now available. For those horsepower hogs who, like their fathers before them, have to have the biggest beast on the block the choices are slightly more limited, especially if aesthetics are high on the priority list.

A few months ago while perusing the LS1 tech boards, we came across the name Gen III Performance, owned by ex-computer programming guru Scott Turvey. After a little web surfing, we found that Scott had made a second career in big-inch, big-power LS-series powerplants. And better yet, Scott was developing a stack-style injection system that gave the LS6 that oh-so-cool look seen on this month's cover.

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Our assembly began by cataloging all the necessary parts and making sure all components were accounted for.

Gen III Performance deals only in Gen III Chevrolet technology and not only builds custom engines but is a great source for aftermarket parts and tech knowledge. As LS-style engine experts in training, the staff of Super Chevy was on their toes during the entire assembly of our 427-inch pump gas beast. While we're quite confident in the world of conventional small-blocks the assembly of a Gen III motor took a little more attention to get used to.

According to Scott, his history in the engine world combined with his experience in the computer world made him quite comfortable in the high-tech Gen III realm of engine building. Gen III uses only top-notch components and brand new blocks. With the use of cylinder sleeves almost any realistic displacement can be achieved. So, depending on the goal, Scott can build a motor for low-end torque or high-end power. Our 427 represents a good combination of both torque and power and would be extremely well suited in any GM musclecar.




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