Chevy Impala Tuned Port Injection - A Big Improvement

Stuffing A Tuned-Port Mouse Into A Classic Cruiser

Mark Campbell Jun 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Big cars have always been fun cruisers. There was even a time when big-horsepower classics were the norm, boasting such powerplants as 409, 396, 427, 454! And true to form, the last of the breed even got the potent Corvette LT1 stuffed beneath its long bonnet. While most might aspire to own one of these brawny behemoths, the more plentiful underpowered big boat cruisers can be just as much of a cherished ride, and maybe more so when you transplant late-model technology.

GM Tpi Trouble Codes Code Description
13 Oxygen Sensor Voltage / ECU
14 Coolant Sensor Voltage (HIGH)
15 Coolant Sensor Voltage (LOW)
16 Excess Charging System Voltage
21 Throttle Position Sensor Voltage (HIGH)
22 Throttle Position Sensor Voltage (LOW)
23 Manifold Air Temp Sensor Voltage (HIGH)
24 Vehicle Speed Sensor - Error
25 Manifold Air Temp Sensor Voltage (HIGH)
32 EGR System - Error
33 MAP Sensor Voltage (HIGH)
34 MAP Sensor Voltage (LOW)
35 Idle Speed (HIGH/LOW) or IAC - Error
41 MEM-CAL/PROM Select - Error
42 Electronic Timing Control - Error
43 Detonation Sensor - Error
44 Oxygen Sensor / Lean Exhaust
45 Oxygen Sensor / Rich Exhaust
51 PROM - Error
52 CALPAK - Error
53 (HIGH) System Voltage
54 Fuel Pump Voltage (LOW)
55 Replace ECU - Defective
58 VAT - Error
61 Fouled Oxygen Sensor
62 Oil Temp Sensor Voltage (HIGH)


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